Did Taylor Armstrong Have a Lesbian Affair?

With the release of her tell all novel coming up soon, Taylor Armstrong should be expecting a bit of drama and perhaps a backlash. Many people on twitter have been asking others not to purchase the book and to donate to charity instead, saying it’s disrespectful to her late husband Russell and his children who will more than likely end up reading it at some point. But in the wake of all this, more rumors are getting in Shana Fords (her previous alias) way. A member of the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Fernanda Rocha is claiming she and Taylor have had a lesbian affair. Taylor is denying the rumor. Fernanda however has something to say about it : “Be responsible for your actions, and don’t dismiss another human being you’re connecting with.” she told Hollywood Life. “When people starting asking, it was like ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that….’ it was hurtful,” said the OC housewife when Taylor asked her not to open up about the fling because she realized it would not be good for her image. “I couldn’t be really open with how I felt about her because I felt I was protecting her.” Taylor rep said claims were untrue, but the source is pretty credible if you ask me. Fernanda does not seem like she would have any reason to make this up. I feel like this one might actually be true, how about you?


Juice From The RHOBH Reunion, Andy Cohen Talks to Wendy Williams

Can you believe this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost over? I feel like the trainwreck of a Tea Party was yesterday. But several spoiler rumors have been circulating as to what happened on the reunion. Apparently Brandi causes a lot of drama regarding Kim Richards who is NOT present as confirmed by Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Wendy Williams.  He said she is in recovery and did not attend. It was reported several days ago that she has left rehab. Whether or not it was recommended by her doctors is unknown. Radar online reported that Kim was forced to enter rehab by Bravo producers or leave the show.

Apparently Kyle has a meltdown over the issue of Kim’s drug and/or alcohol habits and Brandi does not help. Brandi’s accusation that Kim uses crystal meth is brought back to attention and it apparently caused a huge confrontation between Brandi and Kyle. When the subject of Kim being in rehab was mentioned, Brandi rolled her eyes and this caused an outburst from Kyle. A source claims “Brandi was out of control, swearing at the other women and being obnoxious” according to Radar Online. Also from the source : “[She] is hoping she doesn’t have to come back for season three. Kim has had enough of the antics of the show and all of the drama. Kyle would definitely come back for a third season though.” This was not the only juicy topic to be hashed out. The women also touched on Eddie Cibrian’s disgusting affair with Leann Rimes, which I personally can’t wait to witness. Also discussed was the tragic suicide of Russell Armstrong, it will be interesting to what extent it is commented on. Andy has maintained they be very sensitive on the subject.

Another interesting part of Andy Cohen’s interview : he admitted that he was asked ONCE by a housewife to not show a certain scene, although he would not expose who or what scene. He did say we would eventually find out, and that information will be in his upcoming book which title has not been released. It is a memoir of his life and career in showbiz. Also interesting – Wendy pried into whom he knew to be the richest housewife and he answered that “asset wise” it was a close call between Lisa VanderPump and Adrienne Maloof, of course referring to Lisa’s restaurants and Adrienne’s partial ownership of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team. If I had to take a guess I’d say Adrienne all the way!  He concluded his interview by mentioning they are re-vamping the set of WWHL which we will now see 5 nights a week, adding that it looks like a “big lite brite” whatever that means.

The interview with Wendy William’s was slightly cryptic, he mentioned that ALL the ladies of RHONJ are returning in response to Wendy’s claim that the only wife to sign was Teresa Giudice. He dismissed that as a rumor, but it was not clear whether he was speaking about season 4 or 5. I myself think he was referring to S5 only because season 4 taping was completed long ago and we are all aware Jac is present for that. It begs the question, will they be adding to the cast? I wish Wendy would have asked! Many of us on twitter have witnessed a controversy over Penny Drossos Karagiorgis vying for a spot on the show and it seems as though her husband Johnny is hoping for a spot as a wife himself. Hehe, in all honesty he appears to be very supportive of his wife and has hinted not so secretively that she is in line for a spot. A loyal supporter of Penny’s who runs a twitter fan site for the potential housewife has also made claims of seeing an unsigned contract, although the tweeter has not alluded to whom it belongs… although it’s unclear who else she would be referring to besides Penny. Duh! I have to say I would like to see them add fresh blood however, I don’t know what kind of dynamic Penny and John would add. Many think they are too desperate and have seemingly been too open about the entire issue.. considering confidentiality agreements anyone involved usually has to adhere to. Andy of course did not mention anything in relation to new cast members.

He did however cover the topic of spin offs, mentioning Kim Zolciak’s upcoming “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”. He says it’s a half hour series and very fun. Wendy asked if NeNe Leakes was next in line for a spin off and Andy said he hoped to work with NeNe for a long long time. Hmmm! According to Miss Leakes we are going to see a lot of her in 2012 outside of Housewives, including GLEE which I’m very excited about! I haven’t watched Glee yet but I certainly will now.

Will Fans Boycott Taylor Armstrong’s Tell All Book?

Taylor recently told Entertainment Tonight that writing her tell all book, Hiding from Reality : My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within has been “cathartic for me.” And she continued on to say: “I hope my book gives readers a better understanding of my life and struggle, behind the scenes of all the Beverly Hills glamor, and will help women, and men, too, suffering in their own abusive relationships.”

Taylor has recently made a twitter account for the book and it has been popping up all over the follow lists of fellow tweeters as of late. Unbenownced to Taylor, negative feelings are rampant all over twitter and some fans are asking others not to purchase it, and to instead donate the money they would have spent to a charity.

I found this interesting and recently did an informal poll, asking which RHOBH or housewives fans would be purchasing the book. The response was immediate, unanimous and not so favorable for Taylor. No, no and HELL no.

To put it lightly, fans are disgusted that Taylor would put such information out there so quickly after her late husbands unexpected suicide. They feel it is too soon and she is doing this purely to profit off his death. More importantly, people wonder how this will effect Russell’s children.

In a strange twist some of Russell’s family members spoke out, specifically his nephew and he said he trusts his aunt will not degrade his family. It is unknown what the reaction of Russell’s parents or sister has been, who was last seen on Dr. Phil – very angry, in denial that his death was caused by suicide and pointing the finger at Taylor and RHOBH.

Speaking of RHOBH, Taylor’s castmates are apparently not supportive in the least and according to a source, “disgusted” that she would do such a thing at this time.

Several of my followers have asked if I will purchase the book. I would be interested to know what is written in it for the sake of being informed for the purpose of my blog and being able to tell fans what it’s all about. However, I feel it is not the right time for her to have released any information regarding Russell’s death. Bravo and the cast of RHOBH have been very gracious about remaining mum on the topic out of respect, and I feel she should follow suit. But the book is on it’s way. At this time, I will probably download the free sample on my Nook app and go from there, my decision based on whether or not it’s interesting. Books are always cheaper when downloaded on a tablet and it involves no effort.

How do you feel about Taylor Armstong’s new book and will you buy it?