Belated Valentines Day Poll

So I recently took a hiatus from twitter in order to spend some quality family time with my hubby and kiddo at Disney and lots of other parks… Sea World, Epcot, Discovery Cove, Gator Land and Busch Gardens all in one week is TIRING! Omg the walking … but so much fun!!! I have to say Magic Kingdom was actually pretty magical despite the 50 minute + waits in lines (who can do that with a 2 year old?) plus it’s stroller city! Me and hubby had a great time though and overall it was a super nice vacation.

I wasn’t here for Valentines Day and there was a poll I have been wanting to do in light of that… so happy BELATED Valentines day! And choose your favorite HOUSEWIVES couple!!!!

We will do this by show first and then the winners will go head to head! Repeat voting is allowed in the first round but not the second! You need not clear your cookies to vote twice!


Was Kandi’s Mother Wrong to Force Kim & NeNe on Each Other?

On last nights episode we saw Miss Joyce, Kandi Burruss’s colorful and opinionated mother attempt a reconcilation between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes at a dinner party put together by her daughter. It has been quite a while since we’ve seen these two together, last time being on Kim and Kandi’s tour bus last season where they had an exlposive verbal confrontation over the way Kim spoke to and treated her assistant Sweetie. NeNe claimed Kim was very inappropriate in the way she was speaking to a black woman and accused her of treating Sweetie like a “slave”. This was in the wake of the crazy physical confrontation the two had at Lil Bow Wow’s Mother’s clothing store in Atlanta, were NeNe allegedly choked Kim out. NeNe denied this in a follow up chat with Kim at her condo and left on bad terms. Ever since the bus incident, the two have maintained that their friendship is completely over and both have moved on from it.

Kandi’s mother did her best to get the two to say “hi” to each other, and to me it seemed a little bit past where they are. These are grown women not children, and in order for them to forge a friendship they do have to want it  – as NeNe and Kim agreed. Obviously neither of them does at this point. Kim said the last straw was NeNe coming at her on the bus after physically attacking her and she is not willing to give her another chance. Although NeNe admits it is a sad situation that she doesn’t speak to a good part of the cast (Phaedra, Sheree and Kim. She is cordial with Kandi and obviously gets along well with Cynthia who has been said to be her lap dog) she too is unwilling to move on and start speaking to Kim just yet. It seems as though Miss Joyce may have planted a seed though and maybe in the future apologies can be made and the two former BFF’s can be friends again. It seems as though Kim is off in a different direction than the other ladies very much so this season ; she is immersed in her new man and her newborn son, and the new family she is creating. She’s moved into her dream house, and all the drama appears to be the last on her list of importance. It seems as though the Atlanta cast may be in for a re-vamp sometime soon- NeNe of course is one of the biggest stars but she too is involved in other projects and recently mentioned that she and estranged husband Gregg are “not finished”- even though she has clearly been pursued by business partner John Kolaj. Personally I would hate to see NeNe or Kim go, but after so many seasons everything gets a bit old and a younger, fresher cast might be the way to go.

Speaking of moving on, we saw Phaedra and Apollo go to dinner with Cynthia and Peter after an explosive argument at Kim’s baby shower and they were able to bury the hatchet.

Coming up this season is a trip the ladies take to South Africa. It doesn’t appear as though Kim will be attending, and though NeNe’s inital response to Cynthia’s invite was “I wouldn’t go to the trash can with them” (meaning the women) it appears as if she does in fact go, and brings new BFF Marlo Hampton along with her. The ladies are a little suprised by this, the latest gossip being Marlo’s extensive arrest record including a pretty bad charge for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Can’t wait to see how the ladies get along in Africa! Do you think NeNe will reconcile with Phaedra and Sheree on vacation?

More Bad Press For the Kardashians ; Kim Planned her Own Engagment + Extra Phoniness

Although it may be deemed reality television, it’s quite obvious that Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all related spin-offs are heavily scripted. Many of the situations in the shows just seem too perfectly set up, and it’s almost fictional enough to be compared to a sit-com : a problem arises, we have an antagonist and protagonist, climax and finally a solution is reached. After all, it’s no accident the cameras happen to be there at the perfect moment such as on both ends of a phone call. And apparently even Kim’s famous romantic engagement in her bedroom is reported to have been staged, according to Radar Online.

According to a source close to Kris Humphries, Kims scored ex-husband admitted that Kim herself planned the entire engagement. She picked the location, time and basically coached Kris on what to do. It’s doubtful that he decorated the room himself (the room was strewn with candles and “I Love You” spelled out in rose petals), and supposedly Kim even chose the time of day so that the lighting was better for the shot. She may have seem suprised, but Kim is not a great actress. For the purpose of the show, however, she pulled it off. Kris wanted the moment to be special and intimate and posed the idea of it being done at the beach – but his idea was totally shut down by production and Kim herself. After all, the paparazzi wouldn’t allow for such privacy (but 3 camera crews was okay, I guess?!).

Kris Humphries is under a confidentiality agreement as per the couples pre-nuptial agreement, barring him from exposing the truth of the situation to the press or in the form of a book, or any other way of getting it out. However, it has been hinted at that his family is NOT, and his father is thinking about writing a tell all which will blow open the Kardashian clan secrets. One being the fact that Kim spent six to eight hours PER DAY in hair and makeup, something Kris wasn’t too thrilled about.

The latest accusation of phoniness in regards to the show is that certain scenes are staged and redone – Kim and Kris Jenner recently visited Dubai and had a heart to heart about her marriage. This scene was allegedly recreated – here in the states. The pair visited Dubai in October and most of the scene was shot in NYC in December. In photos taken of the pair on December 6, as they exited a TV studio, Kim is dressed in the exact outfit, with the same hair style and earrings as she is seen wearing in the scene supposedly shot in mid-October in Dubai. And mom Kris was followed out of the studio by an assistant carrying the purple kaftan-style dress she is seen wearing in the back of the limo. It poses the question – what other scenes are faked?

Kris recently tweeted before this weeks episode – Before last week’s episode aired, Humphries sent out a cryptic tweet: “I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC.” – Hmmm… very cryptic. Not sure what he meant by this exactly. Kim has editing rights to the show, so it’s doubtful Kris will get much vindication in that regard. Kim of course will be portrayed as the victim, and Kris will undoubtedly bye the bad guy- just as we have seen play out so far. Kim was stunned by the amount of bad press and the public relations nightmare she has endured since deciding to file for divorce,” a source told “Kim will be using the show to attempt to rehab her image. Kim has been telling her inner circle that she has worked very hard to get where she has, and she isn’t going to let her marriage and subsequent decision to divorce Kris Humphries ruin that.”

Is it just me (and 563,000 others who signed a petition to get the Kardashians off air) or is Kim pretty selfish? It’s no wonder this woman is terrible at relationships- everything better be in her best interest OR ELSE. We saw pretty good proof of this when the issue of children came up for the couple. Kim was of course worried about the effect on her career, and a flustered Kris told her “no one will really care about you by then.” Not suprisingly she was unhappy about this statement. In order to have a healthy relationship, you have to compromise and it’s all about give and take. However, it seems as though Kim wants to be given and continues to take take take. She barely considered Kris’s feelings in her decision about putting off children. Perhaps this was one of the big problems which caused their marriage to end after just 72 days. Recently model Amber Rose has accused Kim of sleeping with her ex Kanye West while she (Kim) was married. Of course, Kim’s amazing PR team has that one squashed and even if it was true, it will likely never do much damage to her career.

That might not cause a backlash, but other issues have – mostly her lavish wedding and subsequent divorce. The New York Post put out an article last week claiming the Kardashian’s are going down- and that promoters are offering to pay money for them NOT to make an appearance. These accusations were negated by a follow up article by Forbes magazine, in which they revealed there is more interest in the K family than ever and only one small restauranteur made the “joking” claim that he would pay for them not to come to his place of business. All in all, the Kardashian’s are not having a great month in the press. Khloe’s paternity is being questioned and Kim is being heavily scrutinized. Despite all this, producers at E! say there is much more to come from the famous family- the sky is the limit in terms of combination’s of siblings for spin-offs. Next up? Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Are you sick of the Kardashian’s? Give me your thoughts!

Kardashian Ratings Plummet, Promoters Blacklist The Famous Family

There has been a seemingly steady backlash against the Kardashian’s ever since Kim’s extravagant “winning” wedding and ultimately failed marriage. Perhaps it was in the making long before. It seems like the K family has a new show in the works every couple of months, documenting every facet of their lives from daily interactions to babies and marriage. Many people believe it is WAY too much, and have had harsh words to say about what was once America’s most popular reality TV family. This is not to say they have been replaced by anyone new, but they certainly are not gaining any favor as time goes on.

If you recall the first sightings of K family superstar Kim were outings with socialite Paris Hilton. I remember seeing photographs and wondering who the beautiful brunette was. Many reports have suggested Kim “stole” Paris’s career, as the next step to fame was her sex tape release with Ray J. Whether accidental (Kim was portrayed as completely destroyed by the publicity of the tape, and ever since she has tried to maintain a cleaner less sexy persona) or marketing genius, the tape introduced the Kardashian Family to the world. Beforehand, they were only known to us through their famous deceased father, a lawyer on the defense team for OJ Simpson. Kris Jenner, Robert’s ex and the current wife of Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner and matriarch was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, and recently published a tell all memoir in which some juicy details of her life were displayed. She revealed that Nicole confided in her she was terrified of OJ and shockingly that she was afraid he might kill her. Kris feels she may have been able to prevent the murders. Also in the memoir, and admission of adultery in Robert and Kris’s marriage. Most recently, paternity issues have arised for middle daughter Khloe, who at 5’10 doesn’t compare to her petite sisters. However, Kris dismissed this as “total crap” and records of Robert’s divorce with a second wife were unearthed. They listed his cause for seperation which was that Jan Ashley wanted another child, and since he had 4 biological children (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert) he had no desire for more. This under penalty of perjury pretty much alludes that Robert did in fact consider Khloe his biological child (his ex Ellen claimed he was unsure, which sparked all the controversy.)

All of this added to Kim’s wedding disaster spells PR nightmare for the K’s. Kim tried to do damage control after her divorce went public (minutes after it was filed) by flying to Haiti and helping with relief. It seemed to do little good, although she did a good deed. Most detrimental – a huge decrease in viewers this season post-nuptials : The Keeping Up With The Kardashians franchise dropped from 3.5million viewers per episode last season to just 3million this season – a drop of 14 per cent, according to Nielsen ratings.

The family has countless shows, products and projects under their belts. But according to the New York Post, they are continually falling out of favor with viewers and fans alike. And for a family that loves any publicity it can get, it is not good news that magazine editors, party promoters and television executives are all blocking them, according to a new reports.

The NY Post reported that their days of paid events and appearances are long over, as many venues are offering to pay them NOT to show up. Travis Bass, who owns the Red Egg restaurant in New York’s Chinatown, told the paper: ‘I’d pay her $600,000 personally not to go to Red Egg.

‘Kim Kardashian would be crushing to us. We’d have a meeting Monday and talk about how that happened.’

Not so popular now: While Kim used to be paid to attend events, now she is more likely to be paid not tokim k
Personally I have not been thrilled with the style of ANY of the Kardashian sisters lately. Their new Kardashian Kollection at Sears in my opinion is a reflection of their increasingly bad taste. Who is styling these women? Kim needs to go back to her roots, yes she is 33, but that doesn’t mean she has to dress 53. She needs to bring back a little sexy, touching on her old style. The girls seem to trade clothing as they all look very similar in photographs : high waisted pants, ruffled front shirts, basically granny outfits. Kim wears unflattering ensembles which make her hips and ass look as big as possible when it should be just the opposite. Is her booty her best asset? Of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be magnified by 300%. The above pictures are a great example, the colors, fit and especially the pants are BAD, BAD, and WORSE. Kim needs to knock a few years off her wardrobe. We understand she wants to be taken seriously, but she is famous for her body and face.. what else is there? I thought she was absolutely ridiculous in her Playboy shoot as well as her reaction to photos in W magazine, where she cried crocodile tears about being full frontal nude. Um, hello Kim! It’s PLAYBOY! On top of that, you are on the internet in a porn. You have nothing left to hide, so at least stop trying to be so conservative.

And as well as their television shows suffering a ratings drop, magazines Us Weekly, In Touch, Life & Style and OK!  featuring a Kardashian on the cover last month dropped in circulation by around 18 per cent. We are used to seeing atleast several per week. I think many are just plain sick of it.

Manhattan publicist R. Couri Hay, who previously arranged Kardashians’ visits to various clubs back in 2008 and 2010, told the New York Post: ‘I’m bored with Kim Kardashian and her little clunky sisters.’

However, despite recent claims that Kim was dropped by Skechers and replaced by a bulldog in their new adverts, the footwear company was quick to come forward and insist it was simply a case of her contract ending.

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that both Kim and Khloe keep a shocking 90 per cent of the proceeds from their charity auctions on eBay.

Fox News’ Pop Tarts column reports the siblings both contribute the minimum amount they are required to give to charity through eBay’s GivingWorks after auctioning off various personal items.

Glenn Selig, President/CEO of Selig Multimedia, told Pop Tarts: ‘Many times the public assumes that all the proceeds go to charity and not the celebrity.

‘But that is often not the case. The public should never assume that 100 percent goes to charity.’

It seems as thought the family needs to take a collective step back from the reality show scene. It’s obvious that the shows are heavily scripted, the story lines are consistent with sitcoms. A problem arises, it climaxes, is resolves and everything is hunkey dorey. This is clearly not a real life representation. It all just seems too conveniently set up, Kourtney and her weird exploits including an anal cleanse and obsession with couponing, Khloe’s issues with Kim and Kris. Maybe if they focused on more “REALITY” it would be less corny. For now, it might be beneficial to cut the number of shows. It has been reported by producers at E! that there are MANY more to come.. next up, a series focusing on Kendall and Kylie. There is no limit to the combinations we could see coming. Kim and Kendall, Kourtney and Kylie, Kris and Kris (wait he’s gone), Khloe and Kim..etc etc. This could be the explanation for people being so sick of it all. For now we are left to wonder when the next series will be overpromoted on E!. Thank God for DVR. I myself watch KUWTK and some of the others, but there is such a thing as going overboard.

Ex Step-Mom of Khloe Kardashian Claims She is Not Robert K’s Biological Child

Have you ever wondered why Khloe Kardashian seems to tower over her sisters and seemingly appears to have a different father? There may be an answer. Khloe’s former step mother, Jan Ashley, has recently claimed that Robert admitted he did not feel Khloe was his biological child.

In addition, Ellen Kardashian, 63, Robert’s third wife (he married her in 2003 after he and Jan Ashley divorced), has also come forward. “Khloe brought it up all the time,” Ellen tells Star. “She looked nothing like the rest. She was tall, had a different shape, light hair, curly hair. Didn’t look anything like the other three children.”

It does not seem to help that Kris Jenner admitted to having an affair in her recent memoir. Robert apparently said he was not sleeping with Kris at the time of Khloe’s conception.

The Kardashian’s are angry at the claims and Kris Jenner appeared on Good Morning America, slamming the rumor. “I’ve never heard such crap in my life,” she told GMA, “I gave birth. I know who the Dad is.”

On top of Kris herself dispelling the rumors, Rumor Fix has uncovered court documents relating to a divorce in which Robert Kardashian admits to having 4 biological children under penalty of perjury. Here it is :

The Kardashian’s also released a photograph of Khloe’s paternal grandmother, Robert’s mother, whom they claim she gets her looks from. I don’t see much of a resemblance, but I guess you would have to be family to truly know for sure.


Now moving on to an even crazier allegation, Robert Kardashian’s wife Ellen is also claiming that Bruce Jenner is a CROSSDRESSER? Say WHAT?

Ellen reveals she first learned of Bruce’s little secret while out lunching with his ex wife, Chrystie. “’Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right?’” Ellen says she asked. “But Chrystie said, ‘Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras… He’d clip them together and wear them.’ I couldn’t live with that,” she confessed.

Even worse, Ellen reveals a young Khloe was traumatized during the early years of Bruce and Kris’ marriage after she discovered some size 13 heels in her mom’s closet! “Khloe called her dad and she was very upset, crying and screaming about it,” revealed Ellen.

I don’t know where this Ellen woman came from, but it seems like she is a little off her rocker. The Kardashian’s are rightfully not pleased with any of the hooplah.

Khloe tweeted :

“The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself,” and “I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are).”

Don’t mess with the K family !