RHWGOSSIP Exclusive Chat with Jacqueline Laurita! A Few BIG Answers on Season 4!

Tonight I had a pretty long twitter conversation through direct message with Jacqueline! She had read my blog about Danielle Staub and gave me some great compliments. She said although she normally doesn’t read gossip columns, she was “compelled” to read mine and she loved it! Jacqueline has strong feelings about Danielle as you can see in some of the messages below and she was glad to see some of the truths have come out, specifically Danielle’s selling of certain stories to gossip magazines such as In Touch and Us Weekly. I was extremely flattered for the compliment and SO excited to talk to one of my favorite housewives!

This was more conversation style than interview, and I won’t reveal everything that was said because I would like to have more opportunities to talk with Jac in the future. Although I’m sure she wouldn’t have told me anything she was not comfortable with me speaking publicly about, I would like some of it to remain in confidence. Once season 4 airs I will probably come out with more.

Jacqueline apparently was  called up by one or more magazines and asked to respond to stories contributed by Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice. We now have proof of Danielle, but not Teresa. Jacqueline said she believes the story referred to in the Danielle Staub blog screen shots was ultimately kicked off by DS herself.

A lot of fans blame Jacqueline for accusing Teresa of something she hasn’t done, that being sell stories. It is entirely possible that these magazine insiders were only trying to get a statement out of her, by lying about Teresa’s involvement. There is NO proof of Teresa selling any stories as of yet. Jacqueline however does not believe Teresa is completely innocent and that it will all come out in due time.

According to Jac, she does not want to rekindle any kind of friendship with Teresa but would like to end the fighting and drama. She wants peace between them and nothing more.

When I asked her about the 4th season of RHONJ she had this to say :

Wow! We can’t wait! I asked Jac if she had any regrets about missing the reunion with no response, but I did get a piece of info that will interest fans of Teresa Giudice!

As we know Teresa has taken a lot of heat for the Posche Fashion Show issue. There have been countless blogs and hundreds of disputes over whether or not she set Melissa up to be confronted by Angelo Vorhees. Apparently, Teresa will be off the hook ! There are others involved which we will not know of until the show airs, but Jacqueline did say Teresa will appear INNOCENT of any wrongdoing in regards to the set up! Which leaves us to wonder, WHO else is there? Kim D possibly or someone else? We can only wait to watch.

I did ask Jacqueline if she knew when the show was going to premier and she said there is no date set yet, but she will let me know. How awesome! I was so glad to talk to her and she is genuinely a sweetheart. I do personally believe she wants to squash the beef between her and Teresa.

Tell me what you think!!!


Jacqueline Laurita – Beauty Tips and Cosmetic Uses for EVOO!

I found this cool interview with Jacqueline on tumblr where she gives beauty tips, reveals some of the products she personally uses and lists a bunch of uses for extra virgin olive oil- some I would have NEVER thought of! I remember Sweetie using some to moisturize one of Kim’s wigs and I wouldn’t have ever guessed you could use cooking oil on your hair. The things we learn from Housewives! Check it out!  It may be the first time you see Yves Saint Laurent beauty, Jimmy Choo and olive oil in the same post, and trust me, it makes sense. Questions were asked by Fabuloscity Blog.

What’s your personal definition of Fabuloscity?

Jacqueline Laurita: Fabuloscity is just knowing who you are, what you stand for and being proud of it. Always staying true yourself and what you believe in. In beauty, its being the best “you”, you can be, taking care of yourself and feeling proud about the way you look.

An important key to having great skin and hair is knowing your specific skin/hair type and condition so that you can use specific products that cater to your specific needs

Who taught you the “secret” to being fabulous?

JL: I didn’t realize I was fabulous. LOL! Thank you. I  have always been into beauty since as far back as I can remember. I remember in Jr. high breaking myself down from head to toe and working on perfecting each section. Looking back on my pictures from back then, I can’t even tell you what the heck I was thinking or what I actually did to beautify myself.Most of my pictures are horrid. LOL! BUT, I had fun anyway. I made a lot of homemade beauty masks,moisturizers and hair treatments. My Mom taught me a few things too. I took notes on beauty tips I’d learn. I guess most of my “Fabuloscity”, as you call it, was self taught. Later in life, Beauty school helped educate me further.

What are your top three beauty absolute “must-haves”?

JL:  1. I must wear waterproof mascara because I just feel safer that way.You never know when you’re going to get trapped in the rain or cry. lol!  I use Maybelline’s, waterproof mascara in “Glam Black” I also like Dior “Show.”

2. I must have a concealer. I use Le Metier de Beaute in frais/cool or YSL’s “Touche Eclat”

3. If I had to only pick one more, I’d use a combo product like Laura Mercier SPF tinted moisturizer, because it also has an SPF which is so important to use on a daily basis to protect your skin. La Roche-Posay  makes a good one. So does Clarins. I prefer one with at least a 30 SPF.

Most girls feel fab with the right pair of shoes, which pair has this effect on you?

JL: I feel sexy in my Casadei ,YSL, or Jimmy Choo heels.

What is the number one fashion ensemble you wear that makes you feel your most fab?

JL: Fashion ensemble? Oh..you mean…….as in my Spanx? LOL!  I mostly like comfort. 

For beauty lovers on a budget, what is your best at-home beauty secret?

JL: I like the use of Extra-virgin Olive Oil. A little goes a long way and it has many, many uses. Here’s a few…

– Eye-make-up remover

– All over face and body moisturizer (Rumor has it that it will even help with stretch marks)

– Shaving

– Warm it and use as cuticle oil

– Bath oil

– Scalp massage oil

– Hair mask for dry, brittle hair

– Lip gloss that moisturizes

– Lip scrub (Put some on a toothbrush with some brown sugar and scrub to get — rid of dry, flaky lips)

– Use on your feet with socks for an overnight softening treatment for dry feet

Sounds great for a girl on a budget! Interview Credit to FABULOCITY!

Will We See Jacqueline on Season Five of RHONJ?

Over the past few days there has been much speculation and several blogs written in lieu of Jacqueline’s status on Season 5 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you recall during the Posche Fashion Show / S3 reunion drama several months back, Jacqueline played hookie from attending the Teresa Giudice bash fest because of events that transpired the night before at the fashion show. The fashion show is part of season 4 and with the confidentiality agreements the women must adhere to, it was all very confusing. Something obviously happened the night before the reunion that had the girls seething in Teresa’s general direction and it was bad enough that Jac decided she wouldn’t even grace them with her presence.

The story was that Teresa and Kim D had allegedly paid or somehow convinced a man named Angelo Vhrohidis to attend the show for the purpose of confronting Melissa about her stripper past. We all know the crazy drama that has ensued ever since and the insanity on twitter that the swirling rumors caused. Subsequently these events caused a huge divide between fans and Teresa lovers have been on the extreme offensive. She was in fact the favored subject of the entire reunion and it seemed like instead of recapping the season like they usually do, it was an opportunity for not only the ladies but Andy Cohen to unleash their frustrations on Miss T. This angered her fans beyond belief and it has only snowballed in recent months, with Strippergate following. Suddenly a large group of Melissa haters took form and has been growing steadily…people have been so hateful to her in Teresas defense, but two wrongs never make a right. Basically we all know it is a huge mess and many of us are chomping at the bit for season 4 to start so much of the confusion can be cleared up,

But will we get answers or will the drama just multiply in epic proportions? Many have said that Teresa’s role as villain only escalates in future episodes and this will not likely please her fans. But can all Teresa’s problems be blamed on her sister in law? Many of her fans will not hesitate to tell you, YES! but back to Jac..

This Angelo guy supposedly confronted Melissa at the fashion show and she refused to speak to him. There are many different interpretations of what happened that day… But concerning Jacqueline, what could have upset her so badly that she skipped the reunion and claimed to be quitting to show entirely? With the information we have, it is seemingly and issue between Teresa, Melissa and possibly Kim G. Obviously something transpired between Teresa and Jacqueline that we do not yet know.

Following the show and the day of the reunion, Jacqueline began to cross the lines of her confidentiality agreement and enraged T fans by posting texts messages she sent to T on twitter. They included information about Teresa setting someone up (we can assume Melissa) and also some chatter about the photos of Joe Giudice with another woman at a restaurant. In the texts Jac claimed she was trying to give T a heads up about the photos being released…she gave the name of the girl who supposedly had the photo originally and said “don’t shoot the messenger.”

All of this info got lost in the shadows of the Melissa situation. There is obviously so much to be seen. How does the Joe Giudice photo tie into the whole mess? Also, if you listen closely to Teresa at the reunion she says “Jacqueline started something, she should have finished it” and “Jacqueline attacked me”. She also added that that information pertained to season 4 and they couldn’t talk about it.

It leaves us wondering…why did Jacqueline attack her? There must have been something going on between Teresa and Jacqueline to cause the twitter war. Teresa responded very little to that & has been mum ever since. With all this confusing information, we have bits and pieces from different stories and it has caused a lot of blatant lies and incorrect stories to be passed around. Twitter has become a battle ground and a lot of it is based on false information, Something major must have happened between Teresa and Jacqueline and it seems as though it must have been brewing all season, the fashion show was the needle on the haystack. It leaves us all going crazy, wondering when season 4 will premier…. And playing right into Bravo’s hands. They must be loving it!

So we were left assuming Jacqueline would be present in season 4 but would not be appearing in season 5- a decision which she made. As of late, more gossip has circulated that she was in fact fired or her contract was terminated because she violated the terms of her confidentiality agreement during her twitter rant and her contract by not attending the reunion. Jac has shot down these allegations with a recent tweet where she stated it was untrue that she was fired and they were still in talks about her part in season 5. She said she was still considering it. As many of us know Jacqueline likes to send her twitter followers direct messages, and she has told many people personally that the blogs about her being terminated are completely false.

Some believe she is just trying to save face which I have a hard time believing. If she was fired, I doubt she would be making any statements at all concerning the show. Also, Bravo made a statement not too long ago that NO ONE from the RHONJ cast was going to be fired and any reports of such things were untrue.

I think at this time it is safe to believe that we will see a normal dose of Jacqueline throughout season 4, and most likely season 5 as well. Meanwhile, Wikipedia has both Jac AND Kathy Wakile as TBA for season 5. Since wiki can be edited by anyone it is not the most reliable source, but I have to say I have not yet seen any incorrect info posted there. I would like to think all the ladies will come back for the fifth season. And wow… Already five seasons! It is rumored that Bravo is looking for a new cast member and I would not be surprised if there were multiples. Personally I would like to see a new villain, and have the good old happy go lucky Teresa back from season 1 and 2. It doesn’t make us fans happy to see our favs feuding. In the beginning we had a person we all pretty much mutally disliked…the notorious Danielle Staub (yes, of course she has fans. But more often than not, I have seen most RHONJ fans side against her.)

Either way, it doesn’t seem like our fav ladies who were once such close friends will be forgiving and forgetting anytime soon. On Christmas in response to a little twitter spat between Dina and Danielle, Jacqueline posted a passage about forgiveness and tagged all the ladies. None of them responded. She also invited Dina over to Caroline’s for Christmas with the hash tag #time4achange. A photo was posted that appeared to be Dina and Jac which confused some fans, but in fact it was Caroline’s other sister and Dina did not attend. Doesn’t seem as if there will be any changes in the near future. Exactly the way Bravo would want it…. and really, would the show be any good without drama?