Danielle Staub’s Twitter Hate Fest Part 2

It’s no secret that recently Danielle Staub has been taking a lot of heat for screwing over her fans, one in specific. This is a follow up to my previous blog which received a TON of reaction, mostly negative towards to former housewife who is currently doing a ton of damage control.

Below is a compiled list of over FORTY screen shots that Danielle has sent @mardigrasbarbie, the woman known to be her #1 fan since the moment she joined twitter in June of 2011. As many people know, Mardi and I have NOT exactly been great friends. I came to twitter around the same time, and ever since I have had huge disputes that turned into week long sessions of personal berating and insults. This is because of the well known fact that I do not care for Danielle or any of her antics. Mardi has said and done things that have hurt people around her, all because of Danielle PERSONALLY DIRECTING her to do so. Now many of you have pointed out that a person can’t be made to do anything, free will and all that. That is ABSOLUTELY true. What I am trying to get across is this. Most of my followers are not aware of this personal dispute, and don’t care to be. They want to hear about Danielle, being that she was a former housewife with a ton of drama surrounding her on the show and outside of it. This woman is always involved in legal drama, accusing one after another of this or that. We’ve seen all her antics on television, and case after case has been thrown out because she really has no grounds for them. What this is about is Danielle Staub trying to stay relevant. She wants to be in the spotlight. After being fired from RHONJ, she was seen on a show sprinkled with has been stars who were not so well liked (ie Heidi Montag) called Famous Food. She and another co-star in fact won the show and were awarded with a restaurant called Lemon Basket. Lemon Basket recently closed do to roach infestation. Yesterday a fan asked her how the restaurant was doing on twitter and she BLATANTLY LIED, saying it was fine. Below you will find a googled photo of a news story confirming the closing.

Danielle has also tried her hand at singing, while she was involved in a relationship with lesbian superstar Lori Michaels. From this video below we can see that she should have kept her day job.


She also had a stint back into her original profession, stripping at a NYC club called Scores. After public reaction from that mess, she decided it wasn’t something she could pursue and accused the club of “not handling her right.”


This is a woman who touts herself to be a good person and has the nerve to point fingers at her ex-costars from RHONJ for everything she possibly can. Any dirt that is exposed relating to any of those woman she is right on top of, relishing in the fact that they are hurting. In one particular direct message, she claims they deserve everything they get for destroying her. We all know Danielle brought everything that happened to her in the course of her time on RHONJ on HERSELF. Again, she throws the brick and hides her hands. Why can’t this woman take accountability? We saw her on the last reunion of the show, denying question after question that Andy Cohen asked of her. Apparently, everyone lies except Danielle.

So let’s talk about more recent happenings. Danielle has hired a management team to clean up the hideous mess she calls her career. They happen to represent others in the same predicament, such as Octomom and Kate Major, and various porn stars trying to make it in other venues. Danielle believed if she was verified on twitter it would bring her more work, and was begging Mardi to help her do so as shown here :

To a normal tweeter it would seem Danielle has a pretty normal timeline. She talks to her fans and preaches love and light. But behind the scenes something quite different has been transpiring. She has been directing @mardigrasbarbie, a woman who was a dedicated fan, to personally attack and berate anyone who she deems deserving. These attacks are not just limited to a tweet or two and then abruptly stop. No, this attacks were vicious at times and lasted days or weeks. I myself was a target and at one point my child was threatened by a person in Danielle’s camp. This person was under a “fake” twitter account name, and I have never been able to confirm who exactly it was. But it all stemmed from my opinions on Danielle not being what she saw  fit. Each time I mentioned Danielle, a new name seemed to pop up and start attacking me. And this was not limited to me. Another woman was accused of being a child abuser, and this accusation forwarded to the charity she holds near and dear, Ronald McDonald House. Thankfully they recognized this as trolling and blocked immediately. Another friend had photos of her son posted on twitter which were stolen off her private facebook. Another woman was bullied so badly she left twitter altogether. I could go on forever, the point is, this all stemmed from Danielle Staub grooming Mardi into her own personal security on twitter. Here are some shots of Danielle doing just that, petting her #1 fan on the head and even sending her “Danielle’s Mafia” tee shirts, suggesting she start a twitter fan page for her (FYI most celebs don’t have to ask their fans for a fan page, people do it because they LIKE them to begin with. that right there says something) and basically just praising her for her “good work” in defending her in such a terrible way, by cussing people out and belittling them based on their opinion of DS. You can see my Danielle’s picture changes how far this goes back.  :

Here is a shot of Danielle mentioning my account personally, accusing me of being involved with the Manzo’s and Laurita’s as if they are STILL out to get her after all these years. Sorry Danielle, you ARE NOT that relevant.

Here is a shot of Danielle accusing Jacqueline and Ashlee of calling her. Jacqueline got word of these photos sometime yesterday and was not to happy about it. Over Christmastime she posted a tweet about forgiveness that was thought to be in reference to Danielle. Once again she spoke too soon. Also included are some other references to her former best friend Jacqueline and her daughter. Notice how she is almost “tattle-taling”, pushing @mardigrasbarbie into launching attacks on Jac and Ashlee. She has NEVER taken the initiative to do so herself, that wouldn’t be right for her image! So of course it’s fine to ruin someone else’s! That is how selfish Danielle Staub is. And that is how she treats her LOYAL fans. You can also see here how she calls Ashlee Holmes, a young girl, a PATHETIC HOOKER and speaking about Ashlee’s relationship with her boyfriend. This is coming from a 50 year old woman, who constantly proclaims to ignore negativity. LOVE AND LIGHT!

We all know how much Danielle loves the Manzo’s. Although she claims fervently that she no longer cares for the women of RHONJ (although we see her constantly bringing them up on twitter in negative ways), she obviously has not let any of her jealous rage go. Here are several examples of her anger toward the Manzo family. She attacks Albie and accuses Dina of stealing from a charity (remember the baby fundraiser at the Brownstone, when Danielle caused a scene and upset the parents? then didn’t donate a dime herself which was confirmed by the father of the sick child with cancer) and calls Caroline a “fucking bitch who would hand an abuser a bat”.

And here Danielle is hating on Teresa, probably her least favorite former cast mater. Bringing up her money troubles and other personal things that are none of Danielle’s business. She also basically calls Teresa stupid, but this coming from a woman who cannot spell worth a shit as we have seen on twitter. OH BUT LOVE AND LIGHT!

Here is Danielle now trying to hurt someone she doesn’t even KNOW and who isn’t even yet ON RHONJ but is allegedly hoping to get a spot. We know her on twitter as @PDKHair.. she is the owner of Chateau Allure Salon and was involved in the 2011 Posche Fashion Show/Melissa Gorga Strippergate Drama. Her name is Penny and Danielle is already trying to take her down, as if that is her place. Is it just me, or are you thinking WHY on earth is this woman trying to insert herself into the lives of women who could care less about her? MOVE ON DANIELLE! YOU ARE EVIL!

Here is Danielle pushing Mardi to advertise her latest PSA video on domestic abuse, CRY. Being a victim of domestic abuse it is an issue that is serious for me, and I am slightly offended by the fact that Danielle is using this as just another way to stay in the spotlight. If it was anyone else I wouldn’t think in such a way, but we know Danielle is all about Danielle. If she couldn’t have the respect to act like a lady at a baby’s fundraiser for cancer treatments, why should we think she would care anymore for a cause like this.

Here is Danielle speaking to Mardi about taking legal action against those who oppose her and say things about her on twitter. Um, HELLO HYPOCRISY!

As you can see from the numbers on these screen shots, these are only a few out of MANY and I’m sure more will be released. The point here is to show how disrespectful this has been celebrity is toward her fans and people who she at one point WANTED to be friends with. Do you remember Danielle shedding tears over her shattered friendship with Jacqueline? Her hatred of Caroline is based on the fact that she never even CONSIDERED making Danielle her friend, and we can see why. Caroline may be a bit disliked because she comes off as a know-it-all, but she saw something in Danielle that the other ladies didn’t at the time, except for maybe Dina. Danielle is a very angry, hateful person but wants YOU to think she is zen and all that bullshit. It could not be further from the truth. Don’t believe any of the lies she spews on twitter or anywhere else. This woman should REMAIN irrelevant because she lives to hurt people. This isn’t anything new, it has been happening her entire life, documented in a book even when she was 19 years old. That book did not print lies as she wants us to think. And photos of her in pornography and stripping don’t lie either. Maybe if Danielle could own up to the fact that she isn’t an angel and discontinue her LIES and manipulation of people, we would be more willing to just toss her to the side instead of exposing her for who she really is. LOVE AND LIGHT, Danielle!


UPDATE : Jacqueline Laurita was made aware of this story and quickly took to twitter to comment on some of Danielle’s messages in particular. It was Jacqueline who has been accusing of Danielle + Teresa selling stories to magazines such as In Touch and US Weekly, well with these screen shots we can see atleast the Danielle part is true. Here is Jac’s reaction to the photos, she was not happy to say the least! And after all that crap on Christmas directed towards Danielle on FORGIVENESS and forgetting the past! Too bad Danielle can’t keep a friend to save her life.


Danielle Staub Uses Twitter Followers & Fans to Fight Personal Battles EXCLUSIVE TWITTER DM & EMAIL PHOTOS

I am not a fan of Danielle Staub. I never have been and I never will be. She has pissed me off to no end with her cries to be a victim from the second I saw her face for the first time on RHONJ. She schemes and plots evil like it is second nature to her, only to turn around from throwing the brick and hide her hands, crying innocent. This woman is not innocent. She is not a good person like she touts herself to be. It only takes one tap of her name into Google to see that.

Danielle wants people to think she is a decent person who was WRONGED by the Jersey Housewives and anyone else who has ever figured out what a satanic loon she really is, including a man who went as far as to write a book about her, in which he vividly describes a crime she was BOOKED, CHARGED AND CONVICTED OF (kidnapping, pistol whipping, cocaine possession, etc. that’s a whole different blog.) YET this woman has DENIED any of this happened. HELLO, IT IS PUBLIC RECORD! Another example is her short career in pornography. After taking her 26 year old ex-boyfriend Steven Zielewski to court over sex tapes he allegedly filmed on his phone without her knowledge (her claim was that she thought he was texting. yes, it’s that bad.), she ultimately dropped the case because she had no case. AFTER this fiasco, she decided it would be a good idea to film another porn, this time with an anonymous partner and a third party cameraman. She denies the third party. Recently, when a still photo of the film was posted on twitter, she denied it was her and denied every filming the tape. Well, it must be her evil twin. Although I don’t know how much more of a vial, lying, conniving,decietful and disgraceful woman could possibly exist.

As unbelievable as it is, Danielle has a decent amount of supporters and people who kiss her ass on twitter. For some reason they identify with her, maybe because they were the underdog at some point or whatever. But their numbers are nothing compared to those who dislike her. On occasion, like in any other situation, that dislike is expressed. Twitter is not a land of rainbows and fairys. It is a place where people get angry, and they express that anger and spill it all over other people in the form of vile language and unimaginable insults. It’s no suprise this is directed at Danielle Staub a few times a day.

Instead of ignoring it, and blocking the people and moving on like most tweeting celebs do to their haters, Danielle for some reason dwells on each and every bash twerped her way. Many housewives enthusiasts have noticed she seems to be on twitter all day, but never tweets. I myself have thrown a F U or two her way, sometimes at 2am or later.. and magically a feud is born, either from DS herself or before more recent days, from her self proclaimed number one supporter. I won’t mention any names because I have recently decided to move on and make amends with this person who I had a very public WAR with that lasted many months. I being a Danielle Staub hater was first on the hit list of this person, I think mostly because of my large following and the fact that anything I said negatively about DS went out to nearly 10,000 people. This issue caused a great deal of problems and many of my followers witnessed it first hand. Danielle’s #1 fan had a following too, and they fully backed anything she had to say. So it was US vs. THEM, and wow did it get ugly. Now, where was Danielle Staub during all of this? Hiding behind her keyboard saying NOTHING, letting her fan and her friends take all the shots. Probably DM’ing, directing her fan on whom to attack. Immature, childish… INSANE? YES YES AND YES!

Only recently has Danielle’s #1 fan realized she has in fact been duped. She has begun to see what most people who dislike Danielle see… the real Danielle. Apparently, for many months, Danielle Staub has taken full advantage of this woman. She has manipulated her through DM and Email, praising her for verbally assaulting anyone who had something nasty to say. And I’ll tell you- this fan did a class A job. ANYONE who had a negative thought on DS didn’t have time to click tweet before a response flew back and them , and a barrage of other tweets ensued.

How, may you ask, would Danielle be able to accomplish such a thing over twitter? She befriended this woman, who was a genuine fan of hers and made her feel special. Any of us likes it when a celeb takes the time to answer our tweets. It feels like they care and it’s very personal. Imagine if your FAVORITE celebrity not only answered a single tweet, but struck up a “friendship” with you, started directly messaging you in private, sending emails… even sharing phone numbers. Danielle went as far as to send her #1 a couple of “Danielle’s Mafia Shirts”. Let me add that this fan is not an ignorant, impressionable person and I feel like this could have happened to anyone. She simply was tricked into believing that her favorite housewife, whom she was so devoted to actually CARED about her and that they were actually FRIENDS.

Sadly, a person like Danielle knows exactly how to accomplish such a thing. We have seen her do it before, on RHONJ… she uses friendships for personal gain. Kim G, hello? This woman had money and status, everything Danielle did not. Mostly the money part. If you recall, Kim G offered to help Danielle find her mother financially, and Danielle also brought her to the babie’s cancer benefit because she herself was “too broke” to donate. So she totes Kim G along to use as a personal wallet. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, Kim eventually realized what a scum Danielle was and dumped her “fake square tit” ass.  She is a user and an ABUSER. What is unbelievable to me is that someone who has celebrity status, even if it is F list or lower, would do such a lowly and immature thing to a fan. She couldn’t fight her own battles and doesn’t have the courage to ignore them. Her entire life revolves around who she can use and screw over next. Danielle’s life is about Danielle, and she has taken possibly the last thing she does have, her loyal fans, and shit all over them. If she can treat her NUMBER ONE SUPPORTER, and many people will attest that this fact is true, like a piece of dog crap… I doubt she has ANY respect for others. This person spent much of their day as her personal twitter security guard, and given the opportunity I’m sure she would have done much more. Danielle Staub is an inconsiderate, deceitful, lowly person and should be EXPOSED. I can only hope I’m contributing to doing so.

All if this is currently being made public by the fan, who has realized that the person she thought loved her (and told her so on multiple occasions) was in fact using her. So what is Danielle’s response to all the twitter hooplah the reaction has caused? She DM’ed the woman and demanded she delete any and all tweets regarding the situation and proceeded to make several fake accounts to berate her. Yes, Danielle is famous for her “egg” accounts, as told to us by fellow housewive and former friend Jacqueline Laurita. It’s unknown how many fake accounts DS has, but they are for sure obvious. Check out @bellaitaly88 and @bulliedbymardi (made specifically to communicate with her fan, which she will not do in a public forum).

As I said previously, I myself suffered some of the worst displaced DS wrath of anyone. I felt as if I was censored by her fan and corresponding minions. After my expression of distaste for Danielle, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I said which caused a possible disagreement from the fan caused a twitter trainwreck.

The point of this blog is not to absolve Danielle’s #1 fan of any wrongdoing. She spent months acting a fool in any direction DS aimed or she felt so fit to turn in. Some things she has done in the name of DS are completely unforgivable in the eyes of several friends of mine who I have utmost respect for. You have to decide how you want to see the situation. Was DS’s fan a spineless coward who bowed to the whim of a woman who took advantage of such a personality? Personally I don’t think so. She is too smart for that. But in some small way it could apply. Many people involved in the situation feel this fan deserves NO amnesty, and if Danielle had not dumped her, she would still continue on with her tirade and daily disparaging remarks. I for one am thankful she finally realized who DS really is, however, it is difficult to forget the shit storm that was the past few months. And comments made to my friends that were even worse I won’t pass over lightly because things have all of a sudden changed. Mainly, this blog is to bring light to the fact that Danielle Staub is WRONG AS HELL!!!!!!! And YES, her fan was JUST as wrong. If she can own up to all of this, I think it will change the way some people think. But others can’t forget so easily.

What has spurred all of this controversy? Recently, Danielle was picked up by a new management team, known for their work in “Crisis PR”. They employ celebs who are known for bad reputations, such as Kate Major, Michael Lohan, Octomom and various porn stars. Obviously perfect for Danielle. Apparently, they want her twitter timeline “clean” and that means ousting any negativity – even from her fan which she HERSELF demanded be done. Maybe she should mention to her PR team that she was secretly feeding her #1 supporter everything she wanted to hear, in exchange for total dedication and support. It’s very sad that Danielle couldn’t return the favor. Instead she sent her a few crappy wife beaters. If I were this fan, I would take a shit on them and send Danielle the picture. That’s about all Danielle’s Mafia is worth.