Did Taylor Armstrong Have a Lesbian Affair?

With the release of her tell all novel coming up soon, Taylor Armstrong should be expecting a bit of drama and perhaps a backlash. Many people on twitter have been asking others not to purchase the book and to donate to charity instead, saying it’s disrespectful to her late husband Russell and his children who will more than likely end up reading it at some point. But in the wake of all this, more rumors are getting in Shana Fords (her previous alias) way. A member of the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Fernanda Rocha is claiming she and Taylor have had a lesbian affair. Taylor is denying the rumor. Fernanda however has something to say about it : “Be responsible for your actions, and don’t dismiss another human being you’re connecting with.” she told Hollywood Life. “When people starting asking, it was like ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that….’ it was hurtful,” said the OC housewife when Taylor asked her not to open up about the fling because she realized it would not be good for her image. “I couldn’t be really open with how I felt about her because I felt I was protecting her.” Taylor rep said claims were untrue, but the source is pretty credible if you ask me. Fernanda does not seem like she would have any reason to make this up. I feel like this one might actually be true, how about you?


Camille Axed from RHOBH and did Kelsey Cross a Line?

So it’s being reported lately that Camille Grammar and possibly Lisa VanderPump are both moving on from their part in the cast of RHOBH. Brandi Glanville is said to be the front runner for a place as an official “wife” if you can call her that and Dana/Pam is floating around in there somewhere. I personally think Dana is very cute and entertaining, though I’m sure many people don’t like her at all. She does her part in playing the ditz very well, and flaunts money she apparently does not have- it is documented that she has taken out several mortgages against her house and one of her homes eventually foreclosed. But as we all know, being a Real Housewife doesn’t mean you have to be rich. You don’t even have to be a wife, and you certainly don’t have to be real! Check out my previous RHOBH recap for a run down on some current fakeness.

So what is in the works for Camille and Lisa? Camille has several projects in line but has to get away from RHW before she can pursue them ; and Lisa also has a spin off in the works according to ex-moocher Cedric who made an appearance on this weeks episode. According to Cedric, the entire plot was staged and set up by Bravo producers and he has since released emails between them and his manager- all which allude to the fact that Lisa had a “heads up” on Cedric coming to the SUR launch party and although she still doesn’t like him – if all went well at the party she and Cedric are said to be involved in a project for a spin off TOGETHER (Say what!?). It seems things with the cast and various outsiders such as he are quite tense – last night Kyle Richards did a book signing for her new “Life is Not a Reality Show” which has been very successful. Adrienne’s chef Bernie Guzmen had a hayday posting on Facebook about the event. He said now that the reunion has been filmed (which supposedly is very juicy- he says Brandi isn’t present at the book signing because of what happened there and it makes us wonder why? She seemed to be getting on so well with the other ladies…hmm..). But back to Bernie, he seems to have huge issues with Lisa and in this weeks episode she didn’t know who he was when he entered SUR, giving her a kiss and a hug. Apparently he is a friend of Cedric, but he was quite animated on Facebook, accusing Lisa of ethnically bashing his recipes and calling her own cookbook “Bargain Basement” (it was on the 50% off shelf @ Barnes & Noble during Kyle’s signing.) Bernie says that Lisa refused to take pictures with any fans, but had someone take a pic of her with her own phone to post on twitter- just to show people she was there.

Does this mean Bernie is present at the reunion or was he involved in it? I guess we shall see.

Recently Kelsey Grammar and his new wife have been in the news and she is pregnant with twins. The latest on Frasier is this from E! News :

“On last night’s episode, which was already drawing plenty of attention for its spoof of Tracy Morgan‘s off-camera issues, Grammer was featured in a parody of a James Bond intro, in which he prances around with a martini glass, etc., and shoots an evening-gown-wearing blond woman with his smokin’ hot silhouetted pistol finger.

Who, viewers immeditately determined, looked an awful lot like the Boss star’s ex-wife, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer.


A tweeter brought this to Camille’s attention and called Kelsey “sick” and asked “what is wrong with this guy” to which she replied “haha”. The network denied any resemblance or reference to Camille. It seems she is much happier lately with her new, sexier and younger man Demitri. This is quite possibly the reason for her exit off RHOBH.. she most likely doesn’t want Demetri dragged into any plot lines which in true RHW fashion would subsequently ruin the relationship. Stoopid Housewives said it best, “Camille received the full Bravo makeover and now she’s done”. How true it is, it seems as though there is no drama left in Camille’s direction and it’s time for Brandi to come in permanently. No word on Dana, but Lisa is also on the rumor list for the Bravo axe. I would hate to see Lisa go because I adore her, but Camille was drama free and quite frankly boring this season. It is definitely time for a replacement.

Word is that Taylor Armstrong will be returning to the dismay of all who dislike her immensely… her book will be released in early February and a backlash seems imminent. Kim Richards will be returning for season 3 purely for monetary reasons, she has said multiple times that she doesn’t want to do the show but needs the money. Bravo is going to be cutting her screen time a lot and she will only be involved in certain story lines. Hopefully we will see her healthier, put together and less MESSY AS HELL next season. I personally would like to be able to understand her without captions.



Record Breaking 2.8 Million Viewers RHOBH RECAP, Cedric’s Hateful Email + More Drama !

So I usually don’t do recaps but with an episode that had so much drama and apparently drew so much attention I decided I must! This particular showing of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was so packed with craziness they had to add an extra fifteen minutes! My husband who is not a big fan of this series (although he loves RHONJ and sometimes Atlanta) was not pleased. He said “this is taking too long.” Come on! We had to see what the conclusion was of Rock Biter banging on the bathroom door for Kim, probably because he was worried she was doing the last line. The two rented a room closer to town for the opening event of Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR lounge; worried they might be too F-ed up to drive all the way home. WTF, didn’t these two have a driver? I distinctly recall Kim digging through the garbage in the limo, referencing to a small baggie that most likely contained coke at one point. Sorry, but if she was as innocent to the drug culture as she claims, she wouldn’t have had that train of thought.

So Taylor’s black eye is finally healing, which in turn allows for the opening of Lisa and Ken’s new “Sexy Unique Restaurant”. Yes, Bravo held back the event for a month so that Taylor could turn it into her personal group therapy session. She received a lot of negativity for doing so : many people called her selfish since this was Lisa’s event. However, she made sure to let us know it was Bravo’s way or the highway. How many other instances could this apply to? It makes you wonder what else the network sets up for the perfect level of drama. Anyways back to SUR… was anyone else a bit disappointed when they found out it was such a lame acronym? I was. Lisa is much more creative than that, and even though it sounds alright from the get go- I think it was in poor taste to spell it out on the wall. Maybe that is the trend in LA restaurants, but personally I like Villa Blanca much better.

Even though the name sucks, the place is absolutely beautiful. As in everything else Lisa gives her personal touch to- it came out fantabulous! My favorite touches were the sparkly tiles behind the bar and the fact that they used white wine glasses instead of traditional clear. I also love the fact that one of the waitresses is another ex-skank of Eddie Cibrian’s, which Brandi Glanville is quick to point out. Her name is Scheana Marie Jancon. Scheana was Eddie’s once and a while skank before he hooked up with Leann, however Scheana claimed she was his full on girlfriend at the time (did I mention this was all while Brandi was pregnant? charming!) She told Life & Style : “It went on for about six months and then [my] mom calls me one day and she’s like, ‘So that guy Eddie that you’ve been hanging out with… I just picked up the morning [paper] and it says that him and his wife Brandi of like, I don’t know fiveyears at the time, are expecting their second child,’” Scheana used to date John Mayer as well.. so yeah, starf*cker. Is Eddie Cibrian a star? A star scumbag maybe.

She claims she knew nothing of his children until this time, but even after finding out she continued on with the affair. Eventually he dumped her for Rimes and the rest is history. As she is walking by with a tray of wine glasses, Brandi in typical smart ass fashion threw out a “Oh hey you f*cked my ex husband” and you can bet your butt Scheana heard her loud and clear. She immediately brings the issue up to Lisa, who speaks to Brandi and subsequently asks her waitress to leave. No, she did not fire her. But it was polite and respectful for her to ask her to go home for the day. Brandi is in fact a guest and Lisa absolutely knows how to run a restaurant. I think she should teach a class and Peter Thomas should sign up immediately.

Cut back to Kim Richards who is still in the makeup chair garbling incoherently about a vibrator she found that looks like a lipstick. She says its not hers but that doesn’t stop her from rubbing it all over her face, and her make-up guy disgustingly refers to it as something “for the other lips”. Kim and the Rock Biter are not getting along because he doesn’t understand she likes ice in her 7 UP, and when they order pizza she likes pepperoni and he will order mushrooms and sausage. Basically, in Beverly Hills that means their relationship is doomed. When the two are finally dressed and ready he is trying to hurry Kim out the door, but she is too busy crawling around on the bathroom floor looking for God knows what.

Meanwhile guests continue to arrive, including Kyle and her mini me daughter Farrah, the Maloof’s and their chef Bernie, who Lisa doesn’t recognize in the least although she greets him like a long time friend. Among the guests is RuPaul, who says the room is full of drag queens. Say what!?

To the shock and horror of everyone there, Cedric makes an appearance. It is the OMG crisis of the night (before Taylor comes on the scene of course). Kyle and Brandi are cordial to him but after Lisa spots him out of the corner of her eye, the shit hits the fan. She immediately confronts him and wow is it awkward and horrible. Brandi chimes in from the drag queen gallery that she DID NOT invite him, as Cedric tries to act like nothing is wrong and that he is simply there to congratulate Lisa. She isn’t having it. She says she doesn’t wish him harm but better yet wishes him NOTHING and banishes him from VanderSur forever. He makes a big deal about leaving and kissing the other ladies goodbye. I’m not sure why he would choose to embarrass himself like that but Cedric does love to drag out his 15 minutes which ended long ago. I’m not sure why he thought the VanderPumps would forgive him so easily- after he told Ken he hates his wife and children, among other vile and unforgivable actions. In typical Cedric fashion, after this show aired he released emails between himself and Bravo that showed Lisa knew he was coming- basically the entire dramatic showdown was staged (NO! NOT BRAVO!) Again with the fakeness! Here is Cedric’s statement to Reality Tea  :

“As viewers have seen all season, and especially on last night’s overly scripted episode of Real Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump is a bitter, conniving woman who will do anything for fame (and a terrible actress)! She keeps saying what I “did” to her was “vicious” but she never really says what I allegedly did.

Well, let me tell you what she did: When Lisa discovered the truth about her husband’s prostitutes, affairs and love child, she made the choice to stay with a cheater so she could continue on her desperate quest for fame. Then she kicked me to the curb, filed a false police complaint and conspired with her friend, the Editor of Us Weekly to defame and slander me.

And you gotta give her credit. It’s worked, so far. She’s more famous than ever; her loveless, sexless marriage is still alive, albeit on life support; and I’ve been marginalized. But the truth is starting to leak out and soon everyone will know of her secret extramarital love affair and the truth about her vicious attacks on me.

What viewers didn’t see last night was the weeks of back-and-forth negotiations between my manager and [name removed], the Executive Producer of Real Housewives. Dave cleared my invite (and the “olive branch” script) with Lisa. In fact, they even discussed a possible spinoff starring Lisa and me, if, according to [name removed], everything went well at the Sur party.

As proof, I’ve asked my manager to release a few of the many emails between him and [name removed] (below).

Lisa has succeeded thus far in trashing my name and manipulating the other housewives. But the race is long and I’m confident that as the truth slowly comes out, the public will come to realize Lisa’s pretty facade hides a heartless, bitter, rotting core.

Thanks to my friends and fans who have stuck with me throughout this painful process. It’s been a rough year but with your help and support, I’ve landed on my feet and I know the best is yet to come!


P.S. SUR: Sexy Unique Restaurant? Really? WTF!”

And he is expective forgiveness? I think VanderNot.

Moving on to even more drama, Taylor is bringing her therapist to the event as a date. This man clearly wants his own reality series, I can’t see what legitimate psychiatrist would think it was a great idea to accompany their patient out on a date and perform a group therapy session at a restaurant opening that is filmed for cable TV unless he stands to gain something by it. But again, this entire ordeal was staged by Bravo so it is difficult to tell who was purposely involved or not. Before leaving the house, Taylor shows him a chart she’s made for Kennedy where she gets a sticker based on good behavior. Taylor jokes she should have her own reward chart and quite honestly it wouldn’t have to vary much from Kennedy’s.. “Don’t Interrupt”, “Eat Dinner” and “No Whining” are among the awarded actions.

Kim and the Rock Biter are close to making it to the party before it ends. She is pushing all the buttons in the limo and slurring, “I like buttons.” They finally arrive and she purposely shrieks hello to everyone in sight besides Kyle, on purpose. Eventually Kyle manages to drag her away to speak privately, and Kim admits she her relationship is in the dumps and she wants to move away from the Rock Biter, who treats her badly. She then proceeds to tell Kyle she may be pregnant, which is clearly crap. She mentions she doesn’t want a baby, but would be happy with a puppy and she’d rather be traveling. She moves so often that could be considered traveling in itself, and I doubt she could take care of a puppy at this point. Spare that poor little creature.

Finally Taylor manages to take over Lisa’s entire party and the ladies gather around the celebrity therapist guy. Camille is also included in this, along with Lisa, Kyle and Adrienne. Kim has locked herself in the bathroom by this point and Ken is frantically pounding on the door, screaming “WHAT?”. But back to Taylor, Lisa has noticed her left eye is caked in makeup and is obviously black and blue. She tells the women she’s been a crazy person for six months and she’s sorry, but the eye situation is due to Russell punching her. She wants the ladies to forgive her for being a whack job and tells them her marriage is indefinitely over.

Kyle tries to tell Taylor that she has nothing to be sorry for, but Adrienne isn’t having it. She says Taylor has PLENTY to be sorry for, including the fact they all had to lawyer up because of that damn email.  IT WAS ALL A BIT MUCH, AND MAYBE SOME “I’M SORRY”S ARE, IN FACT, IN ORDER. Camille also adds that it was very uncool that Taylor insinuated she (Camille) put Taylor’s family in danger by simply repeated something she (Camille) was told by Taylor. GET IT? UNCOOL!

The therapy session ends in apologies and all the ladies are cool again. At this point we are led to believe all the crisis’s have been averted – but alas, Kim is still locked in the bathroom. Same old story.

Taylor Armstrong’s New Beau and Her Breakdown While on a Date in West Hollywood

Taylor Armstrong has been a mess lately and isn’t garnering much sympathy. Ever since Russell’s suicide, she has understandably been a hot mess. Her drinking seems to be spiraling out of control, and she has begun dating far too soon. Have you ever heard the term “you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself’? That strongly applies in this situation. Taylor needs therapy and a lot of it, and time to heal from everything she has gone through in the past months or possibly years.

It’s no secret that Russell Armstrong was heavily abusing his wife. We saw him verbally abuse her on the show and it was obvious she was terrified of him. She spent the season constantly crying and free-falling into a pit of drama and drunken emotion. Speaking of her drinking, it appears to be an issue lately. She was seen leaving a restaurant with friends and her newest beau, after a night that started off with smiles.. but ended in a tear fest. She covered her face to hide from paparazzi (whom she was NOT happy to see in the least) and was snapped sobbing uncontrollably in the car before leaving Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood. The new guy remains unnamed, but she has also recently been linked to Matt Nordegren of Most Eligible Dallas. A restaurant patron tweeted that they were making out, even though she vehemently denies any romantic connection.

Those close to her say Taylor is increasingly messy. One of them told Radar Online about the night out at Craig’s :

“She was obviously very emotional and distraught,” a source tells Radar. “When she got in the back of the car — with considerable help from her friend — she broke down in floods of tears.”

Taylor’s drinking hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst her friends. A pal of Taylor’s tells Radar, “Every time I’ve been around her lately she drinks excessively, we’re all worried about how badly she seems to be doing.”

This is all happening very close to the release of her tell all memoir which sadly is receiving a lot of negativity. Fans and even cast members are appalled by the idea of the book, and many believe it is far too soon to be exposing what happened behind the Armstrong’s closed doors. On a recent episode of RHOBH her “secret” was finally exposed by cast mate Camille, causing a huge rift between the two. We saw Taylor and Russell turned away from Kyle Richard’s annual white party, because Russell had been threatening to sue anyone who publicly mentioned abuse (he claimed it was all lies, when in fact it was only what Taylor herself had been telling her co-stars and friends). Camille was the first to let the cat out of the bag at a recent tea party :

“I think everyone should start saying what they mean,” Taylor said, opening the door for Camille.

“I don’t think you want to put everything out there,” Camille told her. “You said ‘everything.’ Be careful saying that. We’re all protecting you…About what you told us about your marriage…We don’t say that he hit you, we don’t say that he broke your jaw or that he beat you up…We don’t say that, but now we’ve said it.”

Many believe it is a bit strange that Taylor, whom represents a domestic abuse related charity and has done work for crisis shelters for women and families, has been a victim all along herself. How could she be dealing with such issues at home when she is out there trying to help women get away from the same type of thing? And in the wake of such a sensitive topic, Russell’s suicide, it is a bit early to be casting a negative light on him for beating his wife (although there is no excuse for his behavior) just yet.

And she now HAS put everything out there in the form of her memoir. Many question whether or not she has thought about Russell’s children’s reaction to this and a backlash is already set into motion. Fans claim they won’t purchase the book and would rather spend the money donating to a domestic violence charity. The memoir is set to hit stores on February 7th.

Russell not only left Taylor with huge emotional scars but financial difficulty as well. The couple was apparently struggling before their divorce and it has been rumored as one of the reasons for Russell’s suicide. His lawyer went public with his debt issues soon after his passing.

Before his death, the financier was being sued by MyMedicalRecords.com for misusing funds and breach of contract. But Richards said it was the pressure to one up the fellow “Real Housewives” personalities that really strained his finances.

“These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that’s unrealistic and wasn’t there prior to the show,” he said. “The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough. When every night is a potential sound bite or posting on a website, you end up getting addicted to it, you go out all the time.”

Still, Richards doesn’t believe Russell Armstrong took his life because of his debt. Richards saw him after Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce in July and said his client displayed only “normal disappointment that the marriage had failed.”

“I talked to him all the time,” he said. “I was shocked to hear this. I feel sad that he didn’t call me, because I would have gone over to his house.”

And several days ago it was reported by Rumor Fix that he owes the IRS $23,689.94 in back taxes, which caused a tax lien to be imposed on his property. It is likely that Taylor will be responsible for paying this.

Taylor revealed how she felt about her marriage before the suidice, which happened a month after she filed for divorce.

“I felt like I was dying inside,” she said. “We tried hard to fix our marriage but it wasn’t healthy.”

Russell Armstrong responded to her allegations.

“Did I push her? Yes, maybe things happened in the heat of the moment, but it was during a time in our lives that was not characteristic of who we were,” he told People. “This show has literally pushed us to the limit.”

We will see more in her upcoming book, but how much is yet to be determined. Do you think Taylor has gone overboard by writing a memoir and will you purchase it?

Juice From The RHOBH Reunion, Andy Cohen Talks to Wendy Williams

Can you believe this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost over? I feel like the trainwreck of a Tea Party was yesterday. But several spoiler rumors have been circulating as to what happened on the reunion. Apparently Brandi causes a lot of drama regarding Kim Richards who is NOT present as confirmed by Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Wendy Williams.  He said she is in recovery and did not attend. It was reported several days ago that she has left rehab. Whether or not it was recommended by her doctors is unknown. Radar online reported that Kim was forced to enter rehab by Bravo producers or leave the show.

Apparently Kyle has a meltdown over the issue of Kim’s drug and/or alcohol habits and Brandi does not help. Brandi’s accusation that Kim uses crystal meth is brought back to attention and it apparently caused a huge confrontation between Brandi and Kyle. When the subject of Kim being in rehab was mentioned, Brandi rolled her eyes and this caused an outburst from Kyle. A source claims “Brandi was out of control, swearing at the other women and being obnoxious” according to Radar Online. Also from the source : “[She] is hoping she doesn’t have to come back for season three. Kim has had enough of the antics of the show and all of the drama. Kyle would definitely come back for a third season though.” This was not the only juicy topic to be hashed out. The women also touched on Eddie Cibrian’s disgusting affair with Leann Rimes, which I personally can’t wait to witness. Also discussed was the tragic suicide of Russell Armstrong, it will be interesting to what extent it is commented on. Andy has maintained they be very sensitive on the subject.

Another interesting part of Andy Cohen’s interview : he admitted that he was asked ONCE by a housewife to not show a certain scene, although he would not expose who or what scene. He did say we would eventually find out, and that information will be in his upcoming book which title has not been released. It is a memoir of his life and career in showbiz. Also interesting – Wendy pried into whom he knew to be the richest housewife and he answered that “asset wise” it was a close call between Lisa VanderPump and Adrienne Maloof, of course referring to Lisa’s restaurants and Adrienne’s partial ownership of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team. If I had to take a guess I’d say Adrienne all the way!  He concluded his interview by mentioning they are re-vamping the set of WWHL which we will now see 5 nights a week, adding that it looks like a “big lite brite” whatever that means.

The interview with Wendy William’s was slightly cryptic, he mentioned that ALL the ladies of RHONJ are returning in response to Wendy’s claim that the only wife to sign was Teresa Giudice. He dismissed that as a rumor, but it was not clear whether he was speaking about season 4 or 5. I myself think he was referring to S5 only because season 4 taping was completed long ago and we are all aware Jac is present for that. It begs the question, will they be adding to the cast? I wish Wendy would have asked! Many of us on twitter have witnessed a controversy over Penny Drossos Karagiorgis vying for a spot on the show and it seems as though her husband Johnny is hoping for a spot as a wife himself. Hehe, in all honesty he appears to be very supportive of his wife and has hinted not so secretively that she is in line for a spot. A loyal supporter of Penny’s who runs a twitter fan site for the potential housewife has also made claims of seeing an unsigned contract, although the tweeter has not alluded to whom it belongs… although it’s unclear who else she would be referring to besides Penny. Duh! I have to say I would like to see them add fresh blood however, I don’t know what kind of dynamic Penny and John would add. Many think they are too desperate and have seemingly been too open about the entire issue.. considering confidentiality agreements anyone involved usually has to adhere to. Andy of course did not mention anything in relation to new cast members.

He did however cover the topic of spin offs, mentioning Kim Zolciak’s upcoming “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”. He says it’s a half hour series and very fun. Wendy asked if NeNe Leakes was next in line for a spin off and Andy said he hoped to work with NeNe for a long long time. Hmmm! According to Miss Leakes we are going to see a lot of her in 2012 outside of Housewives, including GLEE which I’m very excited about! I haven’t watched Glee yet but I certainly will now.

Will Fans Boycott Taylor Armstrong’s Tell All Book?

Taylor recently told Entertainment Tonight that writing her tell all book, Hiding from Reality : My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within has been “cathartic for me.” And she continued on to say: “I hope my book gives readers a better understanding of my life and struggle, behind the scenes of all the Beverly Hills glamor, and will help women, and men, too, suffering in their own abusive relationships.”

Taylor has recently made a twitter account for the book and it has been popping up all over the follow lists of fellow tweeters as of late. Unbenownced to Taylor, negative feelings are rampant all over twitter and some fans are asking others not to purchase it, and to instead donate the money they would have spent to a charity.

I found this interesting and recently did an informal poll, asking which RHOBH or housewives fans would be purchasing the book. The response was immediate, unanimous and not so favorable for Taylor. No, no and HELL no.

To put it lightly, fans are disgusted that Taylor would put such information out there so quickly after her late husbands unexpected suicide. They feel it is too soon and she is doing this purely to profit off his death. More importantly, people wonder how this will effect Russell’s children.

In a strange twist some of Russell’s family members spoke out, specifically his nephew and he said he trusts his aunt will not degrade his family. It is unknown what the reaction of Russell’s parents or sister has been, who was last seen on Dr. Phil – very angry, in denial that his death was caused by suicide and pointing the finger at Taylor and RHOBH.

Speaking of RHOBH, Taylor’s castmates are apparently not supportive in the least and according to a source, “disgusted” that she would do such a thing at this time.

Several of my followers have asked if I will purchase the book. I would be interested to know what is written in it for the sake of being informed for the purpose of my blog and being able to tell fans what it’s all about. However, I feel it is not the right time for her to have released any information regarding Russell’s death. Bravo and the cast of RHOBH have been very gracious about remaining mum on the topic out of respect, and I feel she should follow suit. But the book is on it’s way. At this time, I will probably download the free sample on my Nook app and go from there, my decision based on whether or not it’s interesting. Books are always cheaper when downloaded on a tablet and it involves no effort.

How do you feel about Taylor Armstong’s new book and will you buy it?