Was Kandi’s Mother Wrong to Force Kim & NeNe on Each Other?

On last nights episode we saw Miss Joyce, Kandi Burruss’s colorful and opinionated mother attempt a reconcilation between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes at a dinner party put together by her daughter. It has been quite a while since we’ve seen these two together, last time being on Kim and Kandi’s tour bus last season where they had an exlposive verbal confrontation over the way Kim spoke to and treated her assistant Sweetie. NeNe claimed Kim was very inappropriate in the way she was speaking to a black woman and accused her of treating Sweetie like a “slave”. This was in the wake of the crazy physical confrontation the two had at Lil Bow Wow’s Mother’s clothing store in Atlanta, were NeNe allegedly choked Kim out. NeNe denied this in a follow up chat with Kim at her condo and left on bad terms. Ever since the bus incident, the two have maintained that their friendship is completely over and both have moved on from it.

Kandi’s mother did her best to get the two to say “hi” to each other, and to me it seemed a little bit past where they are. These are grown women not children, and in order for them to forge a friendship they do have to want it  – as NeNe and Kim agreed. Obviously neither of them does at this point. Kim said the last straw was NeNe coming at her on the bus after physically attacking her and she is not willing to give her another chance. Although NeNe admits it is a sad situation that she doesn’t speak to a good part of the cast (Phaedra, Sheree and Kim. She is cordial with Kandi and obviously gets along well with Cynthia who has been said to be her lap dog) she too is unwilling to move on and start speaking to Kim just yet. It seems as though Miss Joyce may have planted a seed though and maybe in the future apologies can be made and the two former BFF’s can be friends again. It seems as though Kim is off in a different direction than the other ladies very much so this season ; she is immersed in her new man and her newborn son, and the new family she is creating. She’s moved into her dream house, and all the drama appears to be the last on her list of importance. It seems as though the Atlanta cast may be in for a re-vamp sometime soon- NeNe of course is one of the biggest stars but she too is involved in other projects and recently mentioned that she and estranged husband Gregg are “not finished”- even though she has clearly been pursued by business partner John Kolaj. Personally I would hate to see NeNe or Kim go, but after so many seasons everything gets a bit old and a younger, fresher cast might be the way to go.

Speaking of moving on, we saw Phaedra and Apollo go to dinner with Cynthia and Peter after an explosive argument at Kim’s baby shower and they were able to bury the hatchet.

Coming up this season is a trip the ladies take to South Africa. It doesn’t appear as though Kim will be attending, and though NeNe’s inital response to Cynthia’s invite was “I wouldn’t go to the trash can with them” (meaning the women) it appears as if she does in fact go, and brings new BFF Marlo Hampton along with her. The ladies are a little suprised by this, the latest gossip being Marlo’s extensive arrest record including a pretty bad charge for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Can’t wait to see how the ladies get along in Africa! Do you think NeNe will reconcile with Phaedra and Sheree on vacation?