Cynthia Bailey’s Sister Malorie Angered by Blog Post

Recently there was a post made by a popular Atlanta blog called ‘Straight from the A’ which pissed off Cynthia Bailey’s sister Malorie Massie enough to write a letter straight to the blogger as well as a retraction statement which she demanded be published immediately.

The initial story was that Malorie’s much younger husband Chris Massie (who is 34, 10 years her junior) allegedly dated Mallory’s 20 something daughter BEFORE he met his wife. Straight from the A was sure to include in the original blog post that this was a rumor obtained from another source, that being a website called The Hollywood Street King.

HSK posted this, claiming it came from a RHOA insider :
“Malorie’s daughter is in her twenty’s and Chris is her step daddy. Jacky nobody knows this but Chris dated Malorie’s daughter before he met Malorie.

Chris plays basketball over seas in France and he’s got a mistress in France, and in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Chris pays the bills for his mistress in France and Houston.”

Clearly neither Straight from the A or HSK had all the information and neither did the RHOA insider. Mallory was quick to shoot down the allegation and sent an email to Straight from the A …

Malorie Massie Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 7:23 PM
To: straightfromthea

I’m traveling from France right now so I’m unable to contact you by phone. We will make it to the States tomorrow. I did see where you wrote that it is rumored to be, on the false allegations article made against my family.I understand you got your source from somewhere else. I do appreciate you allowing a retraction statement to be made because of the seriousness of the false allegations and to prevent further harm to be done.

I realize that I am on a Reality Show and rumors are going to be made, but when allegations are made against a Innocent child and my implying husband basically is a child molester, that’s grounds for a law suit and I hope that you can understand my anger, especially if you have children of your own.

I attached a retraction statement. Please review and let me know when it can be published.

I appreciate your help and understanding with this.


Malorie Bailey-Massie

And followed up by the retraction statement she asked be posted as well :

My husband and I have been happily married for 7 years. My daughter was an 11 year old child when I married my husband Chris. According to the false rumors, my husband met my daughter first and was dating her.

That means he would have dated her at the age of 9 or 10 years of age.

I assure you my child was still playing with dolls and toys when she was 9 or ten yearsold, and not interested in an almost 30 year old man. My husband is a professional athlete overseas and has a 12 year old daughter of his own from a previous relationship. My husband is employed out of the country; therefore he is only in the States for 2 months out of the year.

During basketball season I am with my husband during the entire basketball season and when the season is over. I do travel back and forth when filming with my sister Cynthia Bailey on RHOA.

On a previous show my sister indicated that my marriage is not perfect either. My sister made the statement because I have experienced financial problems as well due to a former basketball team in Greece not paying the players because of a losing season, which put us in financial problems.

On the previous show I admitted to my sister Cynthia Bailey that everyone have money problems, and is up and down financially.

I assure everyone my marriage is solid and the rumors of my husband cheating and dating my child are RUMORS!

I am outraged and deepen sadden that someone would make up such outrageous rumors regarding my husband and 18 years old innocent child, which is a minor. I repeat, was the age of 11 when I married my husband.

Due to the seriousness of these false allegations against my husband and child, I am forced to address these ridiculous hurtful rumors. I will be investigating and pursuing a law suit against the person/parties who have slandered my husband and child name. Who clearly did not check his/her facts on the age of my daughter and length of time I have been married to my husband.

I do realize that I am on a Reality Show and am subject to rumors, but there is no humanity when trying to destroy a child life and a man professional character.

Malorie Bailey-Massie
It’s no wonder she was so upset! Straight from the A was gracious and posted both her letter and retraction statement, but it is unclear if Malorie contacted The Hollywood Street King because the original post is still up on their page.

This goes to show how rumors can get out of control and snowball into something they are not very quickly. The rumor obviously insinuated that her daughter met Chris before he married Mallory which we can see would have been impossible. If there was any relationship at all it would have to have been sometime during the marriage, and Mal seems adamant that she and her man are solid and have zero problems with infidelity. Whether or not Chris has been faithful remains to be seen, but his wife is in his corner and insists that he is a good hubby.

I can’t exactly say the same for Mal’s brother in law Peter Thomas, although he has not cheated, he’s not exactly Mr. Wonderful. With such a beautiful wife, he should step it up!