RHWGOSSIP Exclusive Chat with Jacqueline Laurita! A Few BIG Answers on Season 4!

Tonight I had a pretty long twitter conversation through direct message with Jacqueline! She had read my blog about Danielle Staub and gave me some great compliments. She said although she normally doesn’t read gossip columns, she was “compelled” to read mine and she loved it! Jacqueline has strong feelings about Danielle as you can see in some of the messages below and she was glad to see some of the truths have come out, specifically Danielle’s selling of certain stories to gossip magazines such as In Touch and Us Weekly. I was extremely flattered for the compliment and SO excited to talk to one of my favorite housewives!

This was more conversation style than interview, and I won’t reveal everything that was said because I would like to have more opportunities to talk with Jac in the future. Although I’m sure she wouldn’t have told me anything she was not comfortable with me speaking publicly about, I would like some of it to remain in confidence. Once season 4 airs I will probably come out with more.

Jacqueline apparently was  called up by one or more magazines and asked to respond to stories contributed by Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice. We now have proof of Danielle, but not Teresa. Jacqueline said she believes the story referred to in the Danielle Staub blog screen shots was ultimately kicked off by DS herself.

A lot of fans blame Jacqueline for accusing Teresa of something she hasn’t done, that being sell stories. It is entirely possible that these magazine insiders were only trying to get a statement out of her, by lying about Teresa’s involvement. There is NO proof of Teresa selling any stories as of yet. Jacqueline however does not believe Teresa is completely innocent and that it will all come out in due time.

According to Jac, she does not want to rekindle any kind of friendship with Teresa but would like to end the fighting and drama. She wants peace between them and nothing more.

When I asked her about the 4th season of RHONJ she had this to say :

Wow! We can’t wait! I asked Jac if she had any regrets about missing the reunion with no response, but I did get a piece of info that will interest fans of Teresa Giudice!

As we know Teresa has taken a lot of heat for the Posche Fashion Show issue. There have been countless blogs and hundreds of disputes over whether or not she set Melissa up to be confronted by Angelo Vorhees. Apparently, Teresa will be off the hook ! There are others involved which we will not know of until the show airs, but Jacqueline did say Teresa will appear INNOCENT of any wrongdoing in regards to the set up! Which leaves us to wonder, WHO else is there? Kim D possibly or someone else? We can only wait to watch.

I did ask Jacqueline if she knew when the show was going to premier and she said there is no date set yet, but she will let me know. How awesome! I was so glad to talk to her and she is genuinely a sweetheart. I do personally believe she wants to squash the beef between her and Teresa.

Tell me what you think!!!


31 thoughts on “RHWGOSSIP Exclusive Chat with Jacqueline Laurita! A Few BIG Answers on Season 4!

  1. if she doesn’t want to fight-then she shouldn’t fight….I don’t see Teresa doing anything bad, or even speaking of Jacqueline, even tho Jac insulted her on twitter. She DM’s people to say nasty things, blocks people who don’t agree with her, and just seems to want to hold this grudge forever. I think Teresa got the message that Jac doesn’t want to be her friend anymore and has moved on. If I were T, I would avoid Jac as much as I could because how can you trust someone who turns on you like that, then keeps throwing it in your face that they don’t like you? She didn’t go to the reunion because she was so upset over something, so WHY does she keep holding onto it? If it was that stressful, shouldn’t she stay off twitter and take her mind off of whatever it is that she found so upsetting? I think it’s sad because I thought Jac had a good head on her shoulders. All that’s happened since the reunion has changed my mind

    • i understand totally where you’re coming from, but like she said, i can’t help but wonder what is going on behind camera. is it possible teresa is doing her best to appear perfect ON camera and maybe there are some things we don’t see? Maybe , maybe not. we just don’t know. thank you for commenting tho 🙂

      • I think if Teresa was doing anything behind camera, Jac would have detailed it on twitter or Caroline would have brought it up at the reunion. I was not a die hard Teresa fan until this season, when I noticed that she really only concerns herself with her own business, and in my opinion (which isn’t a very popular one lol) Teresa’s way of saying things gets her into trouble because people misunderstand her. An example-at the reunion, T said to Melissa: if you were a good wife, you would blah blah blah. Lots of people interpreted this as T saying that M was a BAD wife. But I think what she meant was: a good thing to do as a wife, if you want to help the situation is blah blah blah. Small difference in words but BIG difference in meaning.
        I hope T keeps staying quiet on all this, because Jac is only making herself look like a wild child on twitter, and it isn’t pretty. Blocking people who don’t kiss her ass, or sending them DM’s is immature and only serves to reinforce the opinion that she’s an immature baby.
        Good for you tho for getting the info!!

  2. This is perhaps the first and only time I will write about the Jac/Teresa situation, I don’t favor either side, if anything it saddened me to see a friendship dissolve before us all. We all relate to the housewives in one way or another, we’ve all have shared similar experiences to some of the housewives. I watched the reunion as everyone of them shred each other apart and the anger portrayed saddened me to great lengths. I think we all have a rift between our friends at one time or another, guilty or not we think at that time we are right the other is wrong, but when replaying & pondering we sometimes do or say things we regret while alone. With cheerleaders in a corner, we feel vindicated from any wrong doing, with the world looking on I’m sure it is far worse to admit our wrongs. As for Jac and Teresa, I’m sure much was done, said and misinterpreted on BOTH sides, I also believe much was regretted, misunderstood and misinterpreted. You don’t have a friendship of almost 10+ years based on nothing. Many marriages have lasted less than that! I will not say anything negative of either, I will say the reunion episode further opened my eyes to realize everything can change at a blink of an eye, or this case from one episode to the next.

  3. I like your website; however, I cannot believe Jac is innocent and sweet. At one point when she was going on and on and on off one of twtter rants about crazy things between Theresa and other issues r/t RHONJ, I resonded and ONLY said, why not keeep this private…she sent me a direct message, which I don’t appreicate – if you have something to say to me, write it publically and said in all caps “WHY SHOULD YOU CARE??? BUTT OUT…I LIVE MY LIFE ON TWITTER. I personally thought this was out of line, as she blocked me too. Im not saying Theresa is a saint, but she blames Theresa for ALOT and stated on twitter before she knew that DS was the one giving the interviews that she was not going to forgive Theresa cause Tre sold stories too. I mean, how old is this woman to keep tweeting insanely private matters. She posts (during Christmas) about forgiveness and a day or 2 later is going off again. Sorry, I think she has serious issues and is not innocent nor sweet. For anyone to think (or ignore) the fact that Melissa (FACT) is innocent, as she contacted (confirmed) that lunatic Danielle is crazy. She has also done everything to copy Theresa, (fame, etc.) as she accused Theresa of and does NOTHING to take any accountability between the rift in their family. I cannot or will not watch RHONJ anymore – too sad to see a family destroyed.

  4. Nice blog… I honestly can NOT stand Theresa any more. She has changed so much and pulling a NENE Leakes ( ATL) by going on Celeb Apprentice is gross on every level. She was doing an interview here in the Midwest and said she wants to get ” as far away from the housewives as she can” when asked why she said ” Im so above all that” SAME exact thing NENE did. And now NO ONE wants NENE to do a damn thing. No one will hire her and same will happen to Theresa. What ever will she do when Juicy Joe is locked up for 5 years and she has NO INCOME and she burned every bridge.. HMM I LOVE Jacqueline and I hope that she comes out of that whole mess unscathed. Karma is a mother and the way that Theresa and Joe cheat the system Karma will come back and bite em in the ass in the end.. ( dont drop the soap Joe )

    • Talk about inaccurate. Nene scored a recurring role on Glee and filmed a scene on BET’s The Game. You have to admit hiring a reality housewife to do something such as act is a pretty good step up. So congrats to both of them.

    • Newsflash _ Nene has will be on the new season of Glee and also the game. And I’m sure that celebrity apprentice will open up more doors for Teresa as well. Jac seem to need some help though.

  5. I’m sorry but Jac is spouting a bunch of bs. She’s only saying that Teresa is going to be “edited” to look innocent because she knows she’s in the wrong. She jumped the gun too quickly by blaming Tre for the set up. Um, how does she know how Bravo will edit it? She’s just trying to cover her ass SMH.

    • I agree 100%! I think Jac made a mistake and still wants to save face with the public or otherwise Jac and Don Caro would have put it out there. Maybe Jac and Don Caro should question themselves about why Melissa was talking to Danielle prior to the show when they were not friends and see who was causing trouble?

    • I 100% agree! I think Jac is trying to save face because if Teresa was really saying or doing anything Don Carlo and Jac would be all over it and letting the public know. Why don’t they question Melissa about talking to Danielle prior to the show. Did Don Carlo and Jac think that was right? Like Melissa wasn’t doing this to bash Teresa or cause trouble? They both should have really thought of this before they teamed up with Melissa. That was proved on S2 reunion that Melissa contacted Danielle remember?

  6. Newsflash Jacqueline, I don’t think Teresa wants to be friends with you either, you’re unstable. Bravo will “edit” Teresa to look innocent?! girl puleeeze give me a break. How do you know what Bravo will do? You also seem very obsessed with Teresa.

  7. I liked both of them in the beginning but Jacqueline continues to show through her interviews and tweets how irrational she can be. Teresa did nothing to cause that problem at the fashion show but She was gang tackled by all of them, including , at the reunion because of it. Again by their own words and confirmed by Jac’s tweets from home. Then, they realize they screwed up about the fashion show so they try to recover by saying that it really wasn’t about what happened at the fashion show but was other things they can’t talk about. Then Jac says oh and none of it was done on camera so I guess there’s no proof and Teresa is going to look innocent. Jacqueline, Caroline, and Bullyandy continue to ignore the fact that Melissa fed info to Danielle to bring down Teresa, her own sister-in-law. They ignore the facts in front of their faces that the whole purpose behind Melissa being cast on that show was to bring Teresa down and film the process for “good tv.” If it were not for Melissa’s relationship and plotting with Danielle, Jac’s nemesis, there were be no Gorga’s on the show.

    • You’ve made a good point, first it’s they changed their tune to say it wasn’t about what happened at the fashion show. Now Bravo will “edit” teresa to look innocent. How is heck does she know what Bravo will do…I think she’s just laying some ground work that when it’s shown that Teresa wasn’t involved she’ll just say – see I told ya, they’d edit her to look innocent. Move on Jacqueline I think Teresa has done so now. Teresa is not perfect, but I think Teresa has moved on from what happened on the fashion show and stuff that may have happened shortly after. You’re the one that keep dragging her back into, only the blind won’t see that. I hope you’re reading this Jacqueline.

  8. Jac is irrational, Teresa is delusionally blind to financial , and family issues.. Bah,. I like them both, I think they both make mistakes. I do think that Teresa does things behind the scenes, thats part of her personality, while Jac has a case of emotional diarehhia. What I find frustrating is that as a Jac fan I am able to say she is NOT perfect, but I still like her, but some Tre fans seem to feel that she does NOTHING wrong, or if she does do something shady, she is justified.. Some of Teresas fans have been very nasty and attacked Jac AND Jacs mom.. it just isnt right. I would never attack Teresa, or her kids, that also isnt right..

    There is talk that Teresa isnt even the one who uses her twitter, her assistant does, and so it stay cleaner, and I think thats probably true, where as Jac is out there, warts and all..I never like Danielle, so I never followed her, I guess I dont get why someone would follow Jac and her family if they dislike her so much

    • Teresa is not perfect but I think that teresa has learned that she needs to stay away from Jacqueline and caroline, and I don’t think she wants to have ANYTHING to do with them, good for bad…as to the relationship with her brother and his wife, that’s their business to sort out, but Jacqueline keeps injecting herself to some level of importance in Teresa’s life.

    • sweetness, I am willing to admit that Teresa isn’t perfect-no one is-but I have asked on many blogs for someone to please give me an example of something T has done that was mean or nasty, and so far, no one has given me a single thing. For there to be so many people who don’t like the woman, she MUST have done something…but so far, I can’t find anyone who will tell me what it is. As I said in my post above, I was never a die hard T fan until this season, so I’m really not trying to be a jerk about it-I would really like someone out there to tell me what she has done that proves that she isn’t what she says she is-happy, loyal and trying to stay away from drama…

      • I am just watching the same show you are, so these are only my thoughts, I think Teresa is a passive agressive (btw, I find Mel that way too). She doesnt OVERTLY do something, she just kind of back alleys people that irritate her.. throw away cookies (mel), twist things people say (kathy and the unattended,good mother), she denies stuff that is right in her face (bankruptcy).. these kinds of things seem very small to someone watching the show, but as the daughter of a passive agressive, it can be MASSIVELY irritating. Add that to the fact that Teresa wants to be the Center of her family, with all the others coming to her house and in or out as she deems fit, I am sure there is tons of resentment bubbling under the surface. People who are sneaky and passive agressive have a hard time keeping peoples trust. Just my personal observations.. I like Teresa, just dont get the attacks on Jac and even Mel, for behavior that has been no better or worse than her own..

      • Instigating a fight with Danielle at the 1st Poshe fashion show where Teresa was chasing her down the hall way screaming “coke whore” is an example of her not exactly trying to stay away from drama. She was also obnoxious to the cop who was trying to do his job in that episode.
        That being said, I do find Teresa and her family entertaining and she’s definitely the “face” of RHWNJ.

  9. sweetnessnbubba this is in reply to your reply to me-there’s no ‘reply’ button after your comment so I’m putting it here lol
    I see what you mean-but I think Teresa doesn’t really mean to be passive/aggressive. Coming from an italian family myself, I have to say I’ve been guilty of throwing out store bought cookies that someone brings to a party too because there have been SO MANY homemade goodies that you know the store bought ones won’t get eaten. You end up giving everyone stuff to take home-and no one wants the supermarket cookies over the homemades….so out they go. Would I tell someone I threw them out? Probably not, but…maybe Teresa is just more honest than me.

    I think the thing with Kathy is that Teresa feels that her whole purpose of coming on the show was to make Teresa the villain in the family drama, so if she’s hypersensitive to anything that’s said, I can understand it. I hate to sound like a Teresa kool-aid drinker, but I think she is telling the truth when she says family is everything to her-and she can’t understand other people not feeling the same way. Melissa and/or Joe should just tell her they don’t want to spend every holiday with her, if that’s how they feel. I think she could accept that (not happily, but.. lol) rather than hearing Melissa say family is everything to her too, but seeing her actions say something else. Melissa is the type of person who says all the right things regarding an argument until it looks like things might actually get worked out, then she throws out some comment about how she’ll suffer any hurt, bear any criticism, for the sake of “letting things go”. Meanwhile, she knows that will push her husband’s “protective” buttons, and he’ll dig in his heels a little deeper til his wifey gets justice. It’s a never ending cycle that he’s too dumb to figure out.

    Sorry for this long post everyone!! And thank you sweetness, I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

    • Passive agressive people dont MEAN to be that way. Its just the way they handle things.They are often brought up in homes where a sincere expression of negative emotions isnt a good thing, which tends to make them manipulate rather than negiotiate.hence, throwing out cookies and then TELLING the person you did. the problem I have with Teresa is that she is pretty insensitive to others feelings, yet is hypersensitive about her own.. with kathy and even mel, if Teresa could have not been a passive agressive, and a Queen Bee (which Caroline Manzo also is, which makes them butt heads), she would have sucked it up, put on her big girl panties and killed them with kindness..

      Do i think Mel had ulterior motives for coming on the show? Oh yeah,. at the very least she wanted to be a pop star, and saw this as a way to attain it. and I do believe that Mel enjoys passively aggro sticking it to Tre when she has a chance..lol, they both do (caroline was right about that, they are very much the same person).

      Kathy though, I truly don’t believe came on for any other reason than she saw it as a way to make some money for her kids college funds. She spent most of the year trying to get on the same page with Teresa, and from the sounds of it, when Teresa became famous she had kind of cut out those members of her family she didnt seem to feel were necessary.

      None of them are perfect, but I find myself liking and disliking all of them at one time or another (except for Kathy, I always liked her, she isnt perfect, but honestly my eyes would have been rolling and the snark would have been coming out with Teresas stubborness too).I think the editing of the show tends to make complex people into simple characters and that isnt really the full story. The only one on the show I find myself not liking is Mel, and I think part of the problem is she came on the show “playing a part” and comes off phony.. Its possible she will loosen up and show different sides of herself next season.

      I love talking about this stuff, and I realize that the way I see it, isnt how everyone else does. I am kind of a psychology buff and watch these shows as a form of people watching.

      • lol I love talking about it too because it is so interesting to see how different people view the same thing.
        I appreciate reading your thoughts on it, but really…can’t agree with most of it lol. I’m not a kathy hater, but I do think she needs to butt out. She’s NOT helping things get better.
        I have a feeling that Teresa has always been made fun of (behind her back) by extended family for her over the top ways and maybe even for her vocabulary and interesting use of the English language lol. I bet those people can’t believe that of all people, “dumb” Teresa is popular and a star on a reality show. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jac and Caro felt that way too, and that’s why they get along with Kathy and Melissa. The four of them are trying to show how annoying T is-yet all they end up doing is showing me how small they are. Jac is the worst offender IMO. Calling your friend ‘scum’ on twitter is just ugly, and digging in your heels refusing to apologize is immature

  10. What jac refuses to understand is that she was not loyal to her friend of 10 yrs. She has no sisters like Mel and needed her girlfriends to stand by her when Joe and Mel started to air out the family dirty laundry. Jac saw first hand how T’s parents were hurt. What is more insulting you’ve known Mel for 1 yr and you have her back by believing a lame story that T set her up. Evan if T set her up, so what! Look at the damage Mel and Joe caused in order to get their piece of the pie.

    • right-and how about Kathy? Teresa is her blood. They grew up together. She meets Melissa and all of a sudden she goes against her cousin to side with her cousin’s wife? Glad I don’t have any female cousins like that

  11. Jacqueline is sounding more ridiculous by the minute. I believe that Teresa wanted M exposed, but that is not proof that she had a hand in actually doing it! She doesn’t like her sister-in-law and she complained about M to her “friends” – SO WHAT!!! The facts are increasingly pointing to the truth – that T did not participate in the “set up.” I wasn’t a huge T fan before this, but this past season, T grew on me a bit.

    I find it very refreshing that T doesn’t drag this drama onto her Twitter page. That doesn’t make her a hypocrite, it makes her someone who realizes that it’s best to try and confine the drama to the show and not allow it to infect every area of her life.

    So far, I have not seen T publically bash anyone. If she did complain about Jac to their friends – off camera – maybe the complaints were well founded. We’ll never know. Jac seems to enjoy planting little teasers about her “proof” of T’s involvement in everything that is wrong in her life. If you have the proof – show it. If you don’t – shut up. As I recall, she claimed to have “proof” of T’s involvement in the whole fashion show debacle. Where is it?? Now is the time to show it…

    If T has help or guidance in maintaining her blogs or Twitter account – what is wrong with that? It tells me she’s smart enough to see the opportunities that being on this show has provided, and she’s not going to blow it by getting into a Twitter catfight. So far, her social media strategy has paid off. The others could learn a thing or two from her.

    I never imagined I’d be going to bat for T or any other person whom I don’t know – but geesh – enough piling on! Jac and the rest of them try to paint Teresa as both an idiot AND and evil genius. Which is it??

    • well said-I completely agree…and I also never thought I’d be sticking up for Teresa on blogs, and I am doing it daily now lol

  12. I have lost ALL respect for Jacqueline. Her twitter rants have become legendary. Remember when Jacqueline tweeted that Teresa sent out ALL those stories about her to intouch…how she has a 7 cover contract (kim k doesn’t even have that)….thre was zero mention of Danielle when she tweeted this. Then recently when Ilana Angel retweeted that she just finished her “one hour interview” with Teresa….Jacqueline again went on a twitter rant about the “one hour interview” just to delete moments later when Ilana Angel advised that the interview had nothing to do with her. Jacquline then proceeded to lie and say she wasn’t referng to Teresa. Then Melissa chimes in and states jacqueline was reffering to someone whose name began with a K.

    Fast foward to Danielle’s exposure and now Jacquline states that Danielle was the one hour intervew she was reffering too. ANother LIE! Jacquline is super unstable and her obsession and jealously of Teresa’s continued sucess is making her unravel right in front of us. She continues to make accussations against Teresa with zero proof and many of these accussations are later provin to be WRONG. Keep in mind Jacqueline has nothing to back anything up….i mean it is Jacqueline….she would have exposed everything on twitter already …her second home. I use o love Jacqueline, but now i see her as a attention seeking…pot stirring fraud.

  13. Jacqueline is the biggest HYPOCRITE. Remeber that nasty disgusting blog rant that Jacqueline posted on bravo against Teresa. She claims she wrote that hurtful blog because Teresa was acting like nothing was wrong and everything was perfect…(in regards to her bankruptcy). EXCuse me? People have different ways of handling stress, Teresa doesn’t look like that type that likes people to see her down. She puts on a happy face and works her tail off to keep her family comfortable. Why does Jacqcueline care how she is handling HEr issues. Did jacqueline want Teresa to cry in to her arms and tell her all her secrets and worries (only to have jax expose it on twitter later)….did she want Teresa to confide and ask advice to her friends (same friends who ripped on her all season and ambused her at the reunion)…..palueezz.

    Jacqueline proceeds to rip into Teresa for her spending habits and her bankruptcy. Fast forward to today….Jacqueline and Chris are being sued in regards to their bankruptcy. In the documents they are accused of depletng their entire business account and spending the money on lavish cars, trips, etc for themslves and family. Then after depleting all that money then selling the empty business to someone else. UMMMM…..Jacqueline has the nerve to preach to Teresa about her fiances and ripping off tax payers?

    P.S The whole Danielle thing jogged my memory in regards to stories being leaked about other castmates. It is a known FACT that Jacqueline has given FREE stories about Teresa and Dina to a blogger in chicago. One story had an entire article bashing Dina. Jacqueline threw her own sister in law under the bus recently from that particular blogger. Dina even answered a tweet referencing that story…..so Jacqueline is the last person that should be talking about stories bein spread. At least Danielle got paid for her stories….YOu sold your own family out for free JAC.

  14. I think Jacqueline is a bored housewife and jealous that Teresa has so much going on for her. Her life is boring so she gets drunk and goes on twitter rants. Maybe if she worked or volunteered somewhere she wouldn’t be so obsessed with Teresa. And she has zero credibility after all the bs she says and does.

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