Melissa Gorga’s Interview At Borgata

Here is an interview Melissa Gorga did with Veronica Dudo over the weekend at the Borgata Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City. She talks about her first season on RHONJ and says overall it’s been “a nice experience” and has allowed her many new opportunities, from music to hosting and representing a new Vodka brand.

She talks about “On Display” going up to #11 on iTunes and how she is releasing some new songs this spring, including a ballad to her husband Joe. If you recall Teresa said this was her favorite among Melissa’s songs on the reunion.

Melissa says she keeps up her figure by drinking “Voli Vodka” when she is out since it is low calorie and she is not one to sit around and watch TV. She works out with a trainer and that is how she keeps up on her bod.

Melissa confirms there will be a season 5 but adds there is no word yet about the cast or when it will begin filming.

She explains it is “touching” that her fans can relate to her life including the loss of her father and how he was her #1 fan.

Lastly Veronica touches on the family drama, and Melissa says “Teresa and I are always, constantly trying for the kids. I know in my heart I’ve done everything I can possibly do.” She says the sister in laws really try to work in out in season 4, and whether or not they do she can “put her head on her pillow at night” knowing she’s done everything in her power to help Teresa and Joe reconcile. But what about Teresa and Melissa? Can’t wait for season 4… I have a feeling we will all be suprised at what transpires!


1 thought on “Melissa Gorga’s Interview At Borgata

  1. Melissa and Kathy came on the show with bad intentions from the get go and they know it. Any idiot could see that. Yes, Teresa RESPONDED poorly at times, but who wouldn’t. You would think that with all of Caroline’s “wisdom” (I say this jokingly) she would have been able to see that. They are all completely jealous of Teresa no matter how hard they all try to make us think that they are not. As far as Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile…..pure trash. I would be embarrased if little man poison Joe was my brother. Poor Teresa and her parents. He behaves like a complete meatheaded idiot, ready to hump anything that moves. Not sexy at all…just repulsive. Caroline’s behavior at the reunion was nothing short of disgusting. She showed who she truly is…a bully pointing finger bitch and trashy. Her kids are losers considering the advantages that they have had. Hello. As far as Jacqueline, her continued twitter rants have been entertaining but clearly show what a complete lunatic fragile crazy she is. Same with her mother. Now we know why Asslee is such a troll. If I were Melissa’s mother I would be so ashamed of my daughter, her husband and their behavior on this show. I look at poor Melissa just trying so hard to be fake, make Teresa look bad and trying to be a 30 year something singer. Sad. Mel and Joe retweeting nasty things people said about Teresa, then deleting. Damage done already. Teresa had at least enough class not to do that stuff.

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