Was Kandi’s Mother Wrong to Force Kim & NeNe on Each Other?

On last nights episode we saw Miss Joyce, Kandi Burruss’s colorful and opinionated mother attempt a reconcilation between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes at a dinner party put together by her daughter. It has been quite a while since we’ve seen these two together, last time being on Kim and Kandi’s tour bus last season where they had an exlposive verbal confrontation over the way Kim spoke to and treated her assistant Sweetie. NeNe claimed Kim was very inappropriate in the way she was speaking to a black woman and accused her of treating Sweetie like a “slave”. This was in the wake of the crazy physical confrontation the two had at Lil Bow Wow’s Mother’s clothing store in Atlanta, were NeNe allegedly choked Kim out. NeNe denied this in a follow up chat with Kim at her condo and left on bad terms. Ever since the bus incident, the two have maintained that their friendship is completely over and both have moved on from it.

Kandi’s mother did her best to get the two to say “hi” to each other, and to me it seemed a little bit past where they are. These are grown women not children, and in order for them to forge a friendship they do have to want it  – as NeNe and Kim agreed. Obviously neither of them does at this point. Kim said the last straw was NeNe coming at her on the bus after physically attacking her and she is not willing to give her another chance. Although NeNe admits it is a sad situation that she doesn’t speak to a good part of the cast (Phaedra, Sheree and Kim. She is cordial with Kandi and obviously gets along well with Cynthia who has been said to be her lap dog) she too is unwilling to move on and start speaking to Kim just yet. It seems as though Miss Joyce may have planted a seed though and maybe in the future apologies can be made and the two former BFF’s can be friends again. It seems as though Kim is off in a different direction than the other ladies very much so this season ; she is immersed in her new man and her newborn son, and the new family she is creating. She’s moved into her dream house, and all the drama appears to be the last on her list of importance. It seems as though the Atlanta cast may be in for a re-vamp sometime soon- NeNe of course is one of the biggest stars but she too is involved in other projects and recently mentioned that she and estranged husband Gregg are “not finished”- even though she has clearly been pursued by business partner John Kolaj. Personally I would hate to see NeNe or Kim go, but after so many seasons everything gets a bit old and a younger, fresher cast might be the way to go.

Speaking of moving on, we saw Phaedra and Apollo go to dinner with Cynthia and Peter after an explosive argument at Kim’s baby shower and they were able to bury the hatchet.

Coming up this season is a trip the ladies take to South Africa. It doesn’t appear as though Kim will be attending, and though NeNe’s inital response to Cynthia’s invite was “I wouldn’t go to the trash can with them” (meaning the women) it appears as if she does in fact go, and brings new BFF Marlo Hampton along with her. The ladies are a little suprised by this, the latest gossip being Marlo’s extensive arrest record including a pretty bad charge for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Can’t wait to see how the ladies get along in Africa! Do you think NeNe will reconcile with Phaedra and Sheree on vacation?

NeNe Leakes DENIES Dating Anyone Including John Kolaj, Says She and Gregg Are Not Done!

We have all seen NeNe Leakes tweeting pictures of gifts she’s been recieving from that special someone, including a diamond “N” necklace, a huge ring and multiple pairs of Christian Louboutins. She seemed to be gushing about her new man and at some points even in love. Patti Stanger tweeted her “He’s a keeper. This man is in love with you!” And more recently John Kolaj ADMITTED he was the gift giver although NeNe has never given up the secret.

John is NeNe’s business partner for La Famiglia Pizza, the airport chain she became involved with after starring on The Celebrity Apprentice. You saw him take NeNe on a date (come on, that was no business dinner) a few episodes back, shower her with gifts such as a Tiffany Pen and Louboutin sandals, and even go as far as to hire a famous Italian singer to serenade her. So what gives?

NeNe recently did an interview with blogger Necole Bitchy, and dished on her love life among other things. When asked about dating she said that she and husband Gregg Leakes ARE NOT done! Read the interview below.

On her new role on the hit FOX show ‘Glee’
I’m on ‘Glee’ and I play a character called Roz Washington. She’s the synchronized swim coach and she’s nemesis to Sue Sylvester, who is Jane. She’s very strong willed; she’s very straight forward; she’s not afraid of Sue Sylvester and she’s there to take somebody’s job.

On if she’s going to get into the pool
I’ve been really worried about the water; the pool is super big. I was just like,” Lord, have mercy!” I’m not that kind of swimmer. I was like, “I’m a black girl, I can’t get my hair wet.” I don’t know yet but I’m sure they’re coming up with a way to put me in the water and I’m just going to die. I don’t know yet; they haven’t told me yet but I’m walking around the pool and I’m thinking “Lord, have mercy please don’t let anybody push me in this pool.” It ‘s huge; it really is a big pool; it’s from 4ft-10ft so it’s a pretty big pool.

On her acting career
A lot of people don’t know that we did a show “Before They Were Housewives” and I would come to Los Angeles for pilot seasons every year. One year I bumped into Robi Reed-Humes, who did a lot of casting for Spike Lee at the time, she got really known from doing that. She was casting a film with Cuba Gooding Jr. called “Fighting Temptations” and she cast me in that film and I was able to get my sag card that way. Then I had a small part in “The Parkers” & “Girlfriends.”

Then it kind of phased out for me. I wasn’t getting any auditions anymore and I really wasn’t coming out here to try. Then I met the producers of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” so I’m saying all that to say I was into acting long before I became a reality star. I would absolutely love to continue to act. Whether or not I leave reality TV, I don’t know. I can say this negativity pulls your energy down.

On if she’ll transition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
[Laughs] Stop it. I don’t know if I would transition and work with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They’ve never done that before [but] that would be interesting if Bravo pulled that off. Right now, I think they like me in Atlanta. I would give them a run for their money.

On who she’s dating
Myself. You know I will never have a public relationship again I don’t think. That’s one of the regrets I have; is putting my personal relationship out there. Greg and I aren’t totally done. Who knows what the future holds. I don’t know about putting my relationship out there but do I have secret admirers, of course.

On expanding her brand
I’m working with a branding licensing company where right now I have a wine out called Miss Moscato. I just opened up my own restaurant, which is called “Famous Famiglia “ in the Sacramento airport. I plan to open up other restaurants. I’m doing a lounge called the ‘L,’ which is for Linnethia and I hope to do clothes, shoes, lashes and everything that I could possibly do. Make-up and perfume; I would love to do all of those things.


Kandi’s New Look, New Man + New Sex Toy Line !

Kandi Burruss is the ultimate entrepreneur. This lady can not only sing better than all of the housewives combined, but she has dipped her hand in every business project she possibly can. From dabbling in country music, producing to an iPad app, a web show (Kandi Koated Nights) and now a sex toy line Miss Burruss knows how to make her time on Housewives worth it. She recently stepped out and posed for photos with a new look, which is absolutely stunning.

Kandi’s original claim to fame was her spot in the 90’s R&B ladies group Xscape, which she no longer is involved in. She has even ruled out a reunion with her ex-group members, claiming they no longer get along. “We didn’t get along and didn’t make that much money together,” Kandi explained. “Why would I go back for a headache and I ain’t really make that much money in the situation? That don’t make sense.”

However, she still is involved with one of the Xscape ladies, Tameka “Tiny” Harris who is married to Tip Harris (AKA T.I.). Kandi has been helping Tiny with her group The OMG Girls (we haven’t heard of them yet) and says Tiny is doing her thing producing.

Something we have been hearing a lot about is Bedroom Kandi, the singer’s new line of sex toys that are pretty unique. They are small, compact and discreet – modeled after makeup products : lipstick, a compact and other “devices” on the smaller end that aren’t so recognizable say if they were to be carried in someones purse. It’s no secret that Kandi loves sex, she is often talking about her favorite positions and sexual escapades on her web show Kandi Koated Nights ( kandikoatednight.com ). What’s her favorite way to do it? “Laying on my stomach, with my legs together and his legs outside of my legs”, she says. Woooow, this girl knows what she is doing! Personally never tried that, but I will trust Kandi.

Here are a few pictures of the sex toy line with descriptions on how they work :

This is a vibrator about the size of a lipstick and with the top on it looks just like one. On the website it is described as “Kandi Kisses : At home or on the go, our USB rechargeable luxury massager is packed with power, whisper quiet and comes with 3 speeds & 4 patterns to choose from.  Go Ahead…Pamper yourself! “

This compact shape “personal massager” is also designed for discretion , it’s called “Make Me Over : Our beautifully detailed & tremendously powerful massager discreetly charges while nestled in its custom mirrored compact case. Inspired by luxury and designed for intimacy.”

These look a little scary and confusing to me, used for kegel muscle strengthening, they are called “Hold Onto Me : Use “Hold On To Me” to strengthen your kegel muscles to help you have stronger and more intense orgasms, among other benefits.

Superbly versatile, these 4 Kegel spheres of varying weights makes exercising your PC muscle fun and easy. Wear it, while you work it!”

I think we all can use our imaginations to figure this one out! Not so discreet, it is called “Happiness And Joy : An introduction to the dual-stim vibe from the Bedroom Kandi by Kandi Burruss.

Contemporary in both design and function, this dual stimulation rechargeable massager vibrates, not only, to its preset patterns, but also wirelessly to the beat and rhythm of your favorite music! Sophisticated technology meets personal pleasure. It’s really poetry in motion.”

And finally, Kandi Lube.

It’s a small, cute line and it definitely matches her personality! . Anyway, here is a picture of Kandi’s new man. He is a cameraman for RHOA and according to MediaTakeOut (a terrible source for any kind of information, so if it’s incorrect I will edit later) his name is Todd.

Man or not, her new look is beautiful! Love you Kandi!

Juice From The RHOBH Reunion, Andy Cohen Talks to Wendy Williams

Can you believe this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is almost over? I feel like the trainwreck of a Tea Party was yesterday. But several spoiler rumors have been circulating as to what happened on the reunion. Apparently Brandi causes a lot of drama regarding Kim Richards who is NOT present as confirmed by Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Wendy Williams.  He said she is in recovery and did not attend. It was reported several days ago that she has left rehab. Whether or not it was recommended by her doctors is unknown. Radar online reported that Kim was forced to enter rehab by Bravo producers or leave the show.

Apparently Kyle has a meltdown over the issue of Kim’s drug and/or alcohol habits and Brandi does not help. Brandi’s accusation that Kim uses crystal meth is brought back to attention and it apparently caused a huge confrontation between Brandi and Kyle. When the subject of Kim being in rehab was mentioned, Brandi rolled her eyes and this caused an outburst from Kyle. A source claims “Brandi was out of control, swearing at the other women and being obnoxious” according to Radar Online. Also from the source : “[She] is hoping she doesn’t have to come back for season three. Kim has had enough of the antics of the show and all of the drama. Kyle would definitely come back for a third season though.” This was not the only juicy topic to be hashed out. The women also touched on Eddie Cibrian’s disgusting affair with Leann Rimes, which I personally can’t wait to witness. Also discussed was the tragic suicide of Russell Armstrong, it will be interesting to what extent it is commented on. Andy has maintained they be very sensitive on the subject.

Another interesting part of Andy Cohen’s interview : he admitted that he was asked ONCE by a housewife to not show a certain scene, although he would not expose who or what scene. He did say we would eventually find out, and that information will be in his upcoming book which title has not been released. It is a memoir of his life and career in showbiz. Also interesting – Wendy pried into whom he knew to be the richest housewife and he answered that “asset wise” it was a close call between Lisa VanderPump and Adrienne Maloof, of course referring to Lisa’s restaurants and Adrienne’s partial ownership of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings basketball team. If I had to take a guess I’d say Adrienne all the way!  He concluded his interview by mentioning they are re-vamping the set of WWHL which we will now see 5 nights a week, adding that it looks like a “big lite brite” whatever that means.

The interview with Wendy William’s was slightly cryptic, he mentioned that ALL the ladies of RHONJ are returning in response to Wendy’s claim that the only wife to sign was Teresa Giudice. He dismissed that as a rumor, but it was not clear whether he was speaking about season 4 or 5. I myself think he was referring to S5 only because season 4 taping was completed long ago and we are all aware Jac is present for that. It begs the question, will they be adding to the cast? I wish Wendy would have asked! Many of us on twitter have witnessed a controversy over Penny Drossos Karagiorgis vying for a spot on the show and it seems as though her husband Johnny is hoping for a spot as a wife himself. Hehe, in all honesty he appears to be very supportive of his wife and has hinted not so secretively that she is in line for a spot. A loyal supporter of Penny’s who runs a twitter fan site for the potential housewife has also made claims of seeing an unsigned contract, although the tweeter has not alluded to whom it belongs… although it’s unclear who else she would be referring to besides Penny. Duh! I have to say I would like to see them add fresh blood however, I don’t know what kind of dynamic Penny and John would add. Many think they are too desperate and have seemingly been too open about the entire issue.. considering confidentiality agreements anyone involved usually has to adhere to. Andy of course did not mention anything in relation to new cast members.

He did however cover the topic of spin offs, mentioning Kim Zolciak’s upcoming “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”. He says it’s a half hour series and very fun. Wendy asked if NeNe Leakes was next in line for a spin off and Andy said he hoped to work with NeNe for a long long time. Hmmm! According to Miss Leakes we are going to see a lot of her in 2012 outside of Housewives, including GLEE which I’m very excited about! I haven’t watched Glee yet but I certainly will now.

Marlo Hampton Insults Blogger for Posting Story About Her Past

Marlo Hampton was in the running to become the newest cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, until Bravo decided to cut their losses and give her the axe before she ever got her foot inside the door. Why, may you ask, would this woman who rocks Gucci from head to toe and is super rich due to her very own string of “Big Poppa’s” not qualify? It sure sounds like she would fit in just fine. Well, factor in a few lies and an extensive criminal past and you have a big old mess that the network likely did not want to deal with.

Many of our favorite ladies have suffered from the controversial “housewives curse”- having so much bad luck and shitty things happen to them throughout their course on the show it’s almost unbelievable. But Marlo had baggage before she had the chance to be a housewife.

We saw her on a recent episode with new BFF NeNe Leakes, where she admitted to being arrested 7 times. But evidence suggest she was tampering with the numbers a bit and it may in fact have been many more.  Here are some mugshots from Straight from the A with corresponding charges :

05/26/99  Arrest for Aggravated Battery w/Great Bodily Harm

Arrest made on 9/28/99 for aggravated battery w/ great bodily harm

6/19/2000 for probation violation. why do people SMILE for mugshots? personally if I was in jail, I would imagine there is nothing to smile about.

2/14/02 probation violation again.. wtf!

9/9/2002 obtained property for worthless check.. she looks a little cray cray here

12/3/2002 felon in possesion of a firearm/probation violation .. girl why are you packing heat!?

7/28/2003 violation of probation. I wish i knew the specifics of these violations. From what I know of probation, you simply have to not carry a gun, not do drugs, show up for your meetings & court, maintain whatever the judge asked of you (keeping a job, etc), not associate with other felons and not have police contact. Obviously NeNe, your girl is a troublemaker!

Marlo was to be brought into RHOA as the girl with “baller status” she claimed to be engaged to Charles Grant which turned out to be a complete lie, a big part of the reason why Bravo changed their minds. She was supposed to be an antagonist to NeNe, but our girl Miss Leakes caught on to this and already knew Marlo. The two ended up being friendly and are still interacting on twitter to this day. NeNe in fact stated that Marlo, Cynthia and Peter are the ONLY people she has a good relationship with on the show. She does not speak to any of the other women. I am wondering if Marlo is going to be present at the reunion, it’s going to be a GOOD one (hopefully better than last years drama free snore fest). Marlo tried to get Charles Grant to cooperate with her “story line” of being engaged to him but he refused to “stunt” with her (stunt- to pretend to be something that you are not) and that lie didn’t work out. So in a last ditch effort she tried to befriend the ladies on the cast, which also didn’t help. In the end, she possessed not of the qualifications of your typical Real Housewife : No mate, no engagement, no long term relationship or divorce and an extensive criminal past. Basically she was not a desirable candidate and now we see her every so often, acting a bit perturbed about the whole mess.

Recently I posted a blog about her most infamous crime, in which she slashed up another woman’s face with a razor blade at a St. Petersburg,  Florida club. The woman was disfigured, and several years later took her own life. It has been suggested that Marlo’s attack was the main cause of her suicide, and Marlo has been unapologetic in that regard. Here is a statement Marlo submitted to the blog ‘Straight From the A’ explaining the history behind her criminal record :

“It has come to my attention that some of my past indiscretions have come to light. Let me first state, I am not ashamed of my past, as my past has helped me become a better woman today.

We all have a past; and my hard-knock childhood in the Foster Care system is a reflection on a bigger issue we faced in America, a broken Foster Care system.

I remain deeply sorry for my actions and I will continue to work hard to contribute to a better community.

My present charge in life is to live with God in my heart and help young women, especially from the foster care system, avoid the challenges I faced.

I’m more than just what is being said of me and I look forward to telling my story and helping others.”

– Marlo Hampton

Bravo claims they had no knowledge of her extensive criminal past at first and they came upon this information in the form of blogs (go bloggers!). And although Bravo doesn’t wish to be responsible for any future actions that may occur from having her on as a full time cast member, she DID benefit significantly from her walk on roles. She received a free trip to Africa, tons of free designer clothes, photo shoots, VIP status in ATL and basically anything luxurious any particular person or company wished to provide her being that she was on one of the nations most popular reality television shows. If she gets this much pampered treatment for a walk on role, imagine what the other ladies get!

So with all this recent attention to Marlo’s criminal history, she came out and made another statement to the blogger in question, ‘Straight from the A’. Here it is :

“I am shocked and saddened to hear of the recent distortions of events and false accusations disseminated over an altercation I was involved in over a dozen years ago.  It had been my preference, out of respect for the person involved, as well as her family, to not speak about this incident publicly, but the recklessness with which the story is being manipulated has forced me to come forward.

I was in my early twenties, and what took place started out as an argument with someone who was once my friend, over the phone.  In the first incident, I was ambushed at my house and badly beaten.  Though charges were initially filed, those charges were later dropped and I filed a restraining order. 

As disturbing as the carrying of a weapon may seem, it was quite common in the environment in which I was raised, and not only I, but also the person involved in the altercation, had each brought weapons to protect ourselves.  There was a confrontation, her knife dropped, mine did not. 

I was arrested and convicted of aggravated battery for which I served 6 months in jail.  What is so disturbing about the false reports now circulating is that it was she, my friend, who appeared in court on my behalf and fought to reduce my sentence.

Like many people, I was deeply saddened by her untimely death – 6 years later – and shocked at the recent attempts to connect me to it.  Ultimately, it does a disservice to her and her family, to guess and draw conclusions as to her state of mind when she committed suicide.  Those reasons are obviously personal and painful and do not deserve to be speculated on for the purposes of entertainment or drawing readers to your site.  She and her family remain in my prayers.

My attorneys will be sending a cease and desist letter with a request for retraction shortly.

This is essentially a cease and desist letter, which was written politely. However, it did not take Marlo long to show her true feelings toward this blogger and her stories :

This is clearly a threat and probably not very smart, but shows her real colors. This may explain why she has violated probation so many times. Marlo in my opinion is NOT an ideal choice for a housewife and shouldn’t even be featured as a walk on. She is not a classy lady at all and I’m not sure what NeNe sees in her. YES people change, but this is very recent! This blogger wrote nothing but the truth and if anything happened to be incorrect she was willing to make it right when brought to her attention. There really was no reason for Marlo to go crazy on this poor blogger. She is perturbed about not making it on the show and makes she she shows her face as often as possible, so she must expect stories like this to come out. That’s called accountability, and it’s part of being a Real Housewife. Maybe that’s why she isn’t.

Is NeNe Leakes in Love Again?

Over the holiday we saw NeNe Leakes tweet a photo of a gorgeous diamond “N” necklace (below) given to her by her mystery man, who remains to be seen. “OMG! He gave me a diamond N necklace, I love it!” said the tweet. Speculation points to her business partner and Pizza Heir John Kovaj. This is the man seen on a recent episode of RHOA, showering NeNe with gifts such as a Tiffany pen to sign into their new business arrangement with and pair of expensive looking Christian Louboutin strappy sandals.

Not to be forgotten is the Italian singer he hired to personally serenade Miss Linneathea, whom apparently has sung for the likes of Sofia Loren and the Pope, according to John. If that awkward date was any indication, this guy has it bad for the bad beotch of RHOA. At the end of October, there was rumors of an engagement following this tweet by NeNe, but there has been no more talk of a ring since.

Personally I think they don’t look so compatible, but Patti Stanger begs to differ. The Millionaire Matchmaker tweeted NeNe, “this guys in love with you, go for it!”. And why not? NeNe deserves some happiness. It is speculated that she is keeping the relationship a secret because she is currently separated from husband Gregg Leakes. Wouldn’t it be a little hypocritical on her part to date a man while she is still married, after all that fuss about Big Poppa? Maybe, maybe not. But NeNe has been adamant that her and Gregg are over, despite a brief reconciliation early this year. Is there a future for NeNe and John? Maybe… But what about not mixing business with pleasure? Hopefully we will see this play out on future episodes of RHOA..especially of any future dates are as entertaining as the last one.

Cynthia Bailey’s Sister Malorie Angered by Blog Post

Recently there was a post made by a popular Atlanta blog called ‘Straight from the A’ which pissed off Cynthia Bailey’s sister Malorie Massie enough to write a letter straight to the blogger as well as a retraction statement which she demanded be published immediately.

The initial story was that Malorie’s much younger husband Chris Massie (who is 34, 10 years her junior) allegedly dated Mallory’s 20 something daughter BEFORE he met his wife. Straight from the A was sure to include in the original blog post that this was a rumor obtained from another source, that being a website called The Hollywood Street King.

HSK posted this, claiming it came from a RHOA insider :
“Malorie’s daughter is in her twenty’s and Chris is her step daddy. Jacky nobody knows this but Chris dated Malorie’s daughter before he met Malorie.

Chris plays basketball over seas in France and he’s got a mistress in France, and in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Chris pays the bills for his mistress in France and Houston.”

Clearly neither Straight from the A or HSK had all the information and neither did the RHOA insider. Mallory was quick to shoot down the allegation and sent an email to Straight from the A …

Malorie Massie Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 7:23 PM
To: straightfromthea

I’m traveling from France right now so I’m unable to contact you by phone. We will make it to the States tomorrow. I did see where you wrote that it is rumored to be, on the false allegations article made against my family.I understand you got your source from somewhere else. I do appreciate you allowing a retraction statement to be made because of the seriousness of the false allegations and to prevent further harm to be done.

I realize that I am on a Reality Show and rumors are going to be made, but when allegations are made against a Innocent child and my implying husband basically is a child molester, that’s grounds for a law suit and I hope that you can understand my anger, especially if you have children of your own.

I attached a retraction statement. Please review and let me know when it can be published.

I appreciate your help and understanding with this.


Malorie Bailey-Massie

And followed up by the retraction statement she asked be posted as well :

My husband and I have been happily married for 7 years. My daughter was an 11 year old child when I married my husband Chris. According to the false rumors, my husband met my daughter first and was dating her.

That means he would have dated her at the age of 9 or 10 years of age.

I assure you my child was still playing with dolls and toys when she was 9 or ten yearsold, and not interested in an almost 30 year old man. My husband is a professional athlete overseas and has a 12 year old daughter of his own from a previous relationship. My husband is employed out of the country; therefore he is only in the States for 2 months out of the year.

During basketball season I am with my husband during the entire basketball season and when the season is over. I do travel back and forth when filming with my sister Cynthia Bailey on RHOA.

On a previous show my sister indicated that my marriage is not perfect either. My sister made the statement because I have experienced financial problems as well due to a former basketball team in Greece not paying the players because of a losing season, which put us in financial problems.

On the previous show I admitted to my sister Cynthia Bailey that everyone have money problems, and is up and down financially.

I assure everyone my marriage is solid and the rumors of my husband cheating and dating my child are RUMORS!

I am outraged and deepen sadden that someone would make up such outrageous rumors regarding my husband and 18 years old innocent child, which is a minor. I repeat, was the age of 11 when I married my husband.

Due to the seriousness of these false allegations against my husband and child, I am forced to address these ridiculous hurtful rumors. I will be investigating and pursuing a law suit against the person/parties who have slandered my husband and child name. Who clearly did not check his/her facts on the age of my daughter and length of time I have been married to my husband.

I do realize that I am on a Reality Show and am subject to rumors, but there is no humanity when trying to destroy a child life and a man professional character.

Malorie Bailey-Massie
It’s no wonder she was so upset! Straight from the A was gracious and posted both her letter and retraction statement, but it is unclear if Malorie contacted The Hollywood Street King because the original post is still up on their page.

This goes to show how rumors can get out of control and snowball into something they are not very quickly. The rumor obviously insinuated that her daughter met Chris before he married Mallory which we can see would have been impossible. If there was any relationship at all it would have to have been sometime during the marriage, and Mal seems adamant that she and her man are solid and have zero problems with infidelity. Whether or not Chris has been faithful remains to be seen, but his wife is in his corner and insists that he is a good hubby.

I can’t exactly say the same for Mal’s brother in law Peter Thomas, although he has not cheated, he’s not exactly Mr. Wonderful. With such a beautiful wife, he should step it up!

How the Housewives Franchise Blew Up

Who DOESN’T love The Real Housewives? Whether you have a favorite set of ladies or you watch them all like me, it seems as though everyone is captivated with Bravo’s big moneymaker. Females between the ages of 18-49 provide each episode with up to 200 million viewers! And According to The Hollywood Reporter, there has been between 35.6 and 162 million in ad revenue depending on the particular show. We could argue until the end of time on which show is most popular, and which housewife is the most real… And we do, on twitter, which the network loves. But it is a fact that our preferences are matter of personal opinion, and wow are there alot of those going on. Most of us have seen first hand that this series can spark all out war between fans and I for one have never encountered such dedicated fans anywhere besides my twitter timeline. Ladies of all ages are often ready to throw down and exchange personal threats all in the name of defending their favorite personality, even when the show hasn’t aired in months. We wait anxiously for our favorite to premier and in the mean time, rumors run rampant. All of this only brings more exposure and publicity to the show, so while we are wasting precious hours arguing, the ladies and Andy Cohen only hear Ching Ching.

Beginning with Orange County, the series have now been with us for six years and spanned seven cities. It has been confirmed that there are plans for the show to go international. I don’t know about you, but the Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi sounds like something I would watch for sure. With Housewives international formats already airing in Greece and Israel, and a Vancouver spinoff to bow in March, NBCUniversal says casting is under way for a Housewives offshoot in France (a make-or-break market because of its broader reach and its potential for greater ad revenue), with Australia’s Gold Coast, Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong) and the U.K. soon to follow. Housewives will become then first international reality soap opera and it’s half billion dollar franchise could multiply.

From The Hollywood Reporter :

“We wanted something very authentic and they started to film something Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque,” Frances Berwick, president of Bravo and Style Mediarecant bettinge beginnings of The Real Housewives of Orange County. “It required a whole revision, so we came to a point where we had to decide whether to sink more money into it or just pull the plug.” She gambled heavily on the project and went ahead with what would later become the beginning of Bravo’s successful Housewives franchise.

This weeks copy of the magazine features heavy hitters from each series. Caroline Manzo, Vicki Gunvalson, Kyle Richards, Ramona Singer and NeNe Leakes grace the cover. So many of us have continually asked, HOW MUCH do these ladies make? The mag confirms each woman draws a six figure payday from her respective season, the New York ladies will pocket $250,000 each from season five. And in addition to salary from the show itself, the position and celebrity offers each cast member a unique platform. Over a dozen books total from all the women combined and everything else you could imagine, from clothing and makeup lines to margaritas. For example, Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl brand raked in $120 million. Our favorite girls are not doing too shabby at all, it’s no wonder the are willing to put their personal lives, drama, family and relationships on the chopping block for all to witness. With well over 100,000 followers each, and not limited to twitter they receive heavy scrutiny for every move they make. Brandi Glanville’s choice to get drunk and married over the weekend earned her 3,000 new followers in 2 hours, most of which were very negative. And as we all know, twitter is not a place where people hold back any feelings.
Housewives has been the center for much public criticism in the wake of 47 year old Russel Armstrong’s suicide, and has been blamed for it directly. Many cast members even asked the network to cancel the season. In the end Andy Cohen revealed they debated endlessly, and finally came to the conclusion they would air the show and be as sensitive as possible toward the subject of Russell’s death.
Some cast members have been cast off over the years, Including a heavily controversial Jill Zarin. When she was fired, she claimed it was unfair that she was not compensated because she herself cast the show. Zarin says she brought in Bethenney Frankel and feels she is entitled to residuals from her spin off shows, the first being Bethenney Getting Married.

There has been a ton of speculation about the show being scripted, and in the mag one producer, Doug Ross admits that the ladies are often asked to plan events such as Taylor Armstrong’s daughters 50,000 birthday party which she received much scrutiny for and other dramatic events such as the RHOBH group seance. One OC housewife said she lost sleep at night because of all the forced drama. The ladies meet with producers to discuss story lines and they pick and choose which happenings in their lives are bankable or appropriate, often injecting issues which otherwise may not happen. This makes me wonder which parts of the show are actually real and if the forced events actually become real in themselves, causing much of the arguing and intense feuding we see, such as on RHONJ. Does it make you wonder about the christening, or Melissa’s Christmas party? Which parts of those episodes were producer suggested? We may never know.
But producers insist for the most part, the show is real because otherwise the audience would smell the fake right away and what would be the point?

From The Hollywood Reporter :

THR went behind the scenes at a shoot for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where new cast member Brandi Glanville pretended not to hear the snickering coming from cast mates Kyle Richards’ and Lisa Vanderpump’s direction. “One of the girls asked me what I think of Brandi,” Vanderpump whispers loudly to Richards. “And I said, ‘Who?’ ” The pair burst into laughter. And during THR’s cover shoot, Ramona Singer tried to peddle her Ramona brand wine to anyone who’d take a cup and while discussing its high quality, Leakes stifled a laugh. Later, she offered Manzo and Gunvalson a sample. They declined, barely looking up from their mobile phones.

Anyway you look at it, those women definitely create drama amongst themselves and added influences only make us more eager to catch the newest episode. Housewives was originally meant to be a short film that was ultimately rejected and after years of pushing, finally got accepted and flourished into the series we love so much today. And flourish it does, when shows such as Jersey Shore even begin to slow down…Ratings dropped 13% last season. But us girls continue to love our HWs more and more, they bring their lives to our living room and much like Jerry Springer..it’s one of those things I love to watch and think, “wow, glad it’s not me.” Well, with the exception of the beautiful mansions, cars and clothes…. for such a lifestyle I am willing to bet many of us would offer our lives up for the sake of entertainment, too.